2Day FM Targeted By Anonymous After Royal Hoax Prank

Sydney radio station 2DayFM and its parent company Southern Cross Austereo are in damage control this morning after a prank phone call to a London hospital went wrong over the weekend. The company and its advertisers are now being targeted by hacktivist collective Anonymous, who have accused the station of murder.

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For those unfamiliar with the tragic circumstances surrounding the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, you can read about them in full on just about every news website in Australia this morning as the moral outrage continues to snowball out of control.

In a bid to stop advertisers from immediately dumping their contracts with the station, Southern Cross Austereo pulled all station advertising over the weekend after it was reported that Jacintha had suicided. This wasn't enough for Anonymous, though, who posted one of their threatening videos to YouTube this morning. In no uncertain terms, Anonymous accusing the station, the parent company and the two hosts of the murder of Jacintha Saldanha.

"You are directly responsible for the death of another human being…We have found you guilty of murder [and] you have a funeral to pay for," said the Fawkesian figure.

The hacktivists are demanding that the hosts at the centre of the scandal are immediately sacked from the company. If not, the hackers will not only go after the station, they'll go after the advertisers.

"You have put their databases, their websites at risk," Anonymous said, before giving the station a week to comply with the demands. That's pretty concerning considering that several major telcos advertise with 2DayFM -- the station in question.

The two presenters are off-air until further notice and are currently undergoing counselling as a result of the tragic event. [mUmbrella]



    Anyone can create videos or posts as Anon. Check your sources Gizmod...if you even had any. Or did you base your evidence in the same fashion as the childmind posing as Anon?

    1. The prank was childish at best.
    2. The radio station SHOULD have sought consent from those involved before airing it.
    3. The hospital security screening should have been able to filter out all these types of calls, surely.
    4. The British press went so far overboard at finger pointing, it made the situation much worse than it was realistically. Highlighting the issue would have only made it worse for the woman who felt suicide was the only way out.

    Nobody could have seen these events unfold the way they did. Even Prince Charles made light of it prior to the death of the nurse.

    So where to from here? Hound these two immature DJ's until they feel that suicide is the only way out too? It needs to stop right here and now. The only ones with blood on their hands is the press for pushing this to the limit. If it wasn't publicised the way it was, that poor woman may be alive today.

    I think that anonymouse have become self proclaimed internet gods. They have forgotten their original purpose and do nothing more than DDOS websites... OOOOOOO!

    We shut down the FBI.......(their website anyway)

    How about do something real and uncover government corruption, take down the great firewall of china.

    NO we are going to attack a radio station in Australia!!

    Anon are becoming internet pests.

    This is stupid, the woman would have killed herself regardless, maybe just not as soon. Anon are pretty crap now, I was all for their internet vigilantism but after Sabu ratted most of them out they're too impulsive and irrational to be taken seriously. It's a shame though, I honestly had hoped that they would bring about some degree of change...

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