2Day FM Targeted By Anonymous After Royal Hoax Prank

Sydney radio station 2DayFM and its parent company Southern Cross Austereo are in damage control this morning after a prank phone call to a London hospital went wrong over the weekend. The company and its advertisers are now being targeted by hacktivist collective Anonymous, who have accused the station of murder.

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For those unfamiliar with the tragic circumstances surrounding the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, you can read about them in full on just about every news website in Australia this morning as the moral outrage continues to snowball out of control.

In a bid to stop advertisers from immediately dumping their contracts with the station, Southern Cross Austereo pulled all station advertising over the weekend after it was reported that Jacintha had suicided. This wasn't enough for Anonymous, though, who posted one of their threatening videos to YouTube this morning. In no uncertain terms, Anonymous accusing the station, the parent company and the two hosts of the murder of Jacintha Saldanha.

"You are directly responsible for the death of another human being…We have found you guilty of murder [and] you have a funeral to pay for," said the Fawkesian figure.

The hacktivists are demanding that the hosts at the centre of the scandal are immediately sacked from the company. If not, the hackers will not only go after the station, they'll go after the advertisers.

"You have put their databases, their websites at risk," Anonymous said, before giving the station a week to comply with the demands. That's pretty concerning considering that several major telcos advertise with 2DayFM -- the station in question.

The two presenters are off-air until further notice and are currently undergoing counselling as a result of the tragic event. [mUmbrella]



    Awkward misspelling of anonyomous @0:03...?

    ...Afraid to comment on how I feel about this, honestly. But I will just question where the law comes into play if an 'anonymous' group can simply carry out 'justice' when they decide 'justice' is due to be served?

    Just because you have decided that someone is guilty of murder doesn't mean they are, right? What about EVERYONE else at the radio station involved? The lawyers who approved the call after listening to it, before it was aired? The managers? All of the people who knew about it and heard it before it aired?

    I think if you'll listen to the prank again, it's pretty clear that they never expected it to get anywhere and had no malicious intention.

    Why not also hold the hospital responsible for having SUCH loose security protocol when a member of the royal family was there? Or the royal family for not having already set up a clear system for how they were going to get in touch?

    Accusing the dj's solely responsible for murder is irresponsible. But clearly Anonymous has spoken, and will not be stopped.

      I suggest you look more into the stations other hosts before you come to their defence so lightly. The other hosts of the station have been guilty of harassment and other crimes. For example search Kyle Sandilands child rape reveal, Kyle Sandilands abuses reporter and just Kyle Sandilands.
      This station needs to heed the consequences of their years of wrong doings, I am so glad anonymous has stepped in and they have my full support.

        I wish people would stop bringing up Kyle Sandilands, He had nothing to do with this story, Yes he has done some wrong doings but his only relation to to the story is that he is a dj at 2day FM. the type of people that bring up Kyle Sandilands in relation to this story are also the people who bring up Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas "Hot Coffee" debacle in relation to video games being bad for us, It happened in the past, Leave it alone.

          Actually he has everything to do with story as his indescetions in the past have shown that their employers place profit above ethics and decency. Sure they are not the only ones, but they are currently in the spotlight and have shown in the past through their actions that it means little to them. They have had several opportunities to do the right thing in the past and instead they simply go into "damage control" which consists of suspending staff and advertising until the heat is off and then its back to the same old tricks. They need to be shown this is not acceptable

            I WANT 2DAYFM TO SUFFER !!!
            This is a warning to all who wish to prank Hospitals, ya sick fuks !

        Why don't YOU look up the child rape reveal case. The only person who was at fault with that whole story was the mother, for putting her daughter on that show in the first place and not telling them about the rape. She said in the interview "Oh yeah, I did find out about that a few months ago" ... Kyle and Jackie O had NO IDEA about it and they handled that situation as it happened VERY well.

        In this case with the prank call, the woman clearly had some issues to suicide over something like this. First off, Kate and William didn't care about the leak of information. The hospital didn't discipline the nurses involved. NOBODY ACTUALLY CARED that the whole prank even happened, EXCEPT the British journalists. They blew this up, they embarrassed her, and they are the ones who tipped this whole thing out of whack. She clearly had other problems, and this was enough to tip her over the edge. SHE KILLED HERSELF. NOT ANYBODY ELSE.

      >it's pretty clear that they never expected it to get anywhere and had no malicious intention.

      ...but then it did get... EVERYWHERE. All over the world. And they kept playing the call over and over again, laughing all the way to the bank.

      This was not a regular prank call:

      1. it involved a hospital
      2. it involved the disclosure of a patient's confidential medical information to, eventually, the world
      3. it involved a royal

      The only sensible thing to do would have been to, in private, discreet fashion, report the divulgement to the UK police so that the hospital would improve its security.

      Not make money off it and publicly shame a nurse, trying to do her job, one of the worst most stressful jobs in the world. Here she was, proudest moment of her life perhaps, looking after someone special, and look what happened.

      Would you have committed suicide? It would take someone strong.

        No.... Suicide is the easiest way out... Before suicide, I would've run away!

        youre forgetting the fact that they contacted the hospital numerous times before broadcasting it, but the hospital just ignored them.

    This is where i think Anonymous has gone too far! That whole prank was pre-recorded and the station managers approved it to be played. These guys are just young and new to the game. Cut them some slack and stop all this bullying... It was a prank, sadly someone died but we know nothing about this nurse and what was really going on in her life. I can speak frankly about this as my own parent took her life and yes its easier to blame someone for that but ultimately that nurse made that decision which is a selfish one for those left behind.. there are better ways to deal with stuff and clearly she was not all well or in clear mind about her own life to allow a prank to be the thing that ends it. People should think about that before blaming anyone. Suicide is complex and by blaming and inflaming only makes the issue go around in a vicious circle of increased possible catastrophe. Would we feel better now if one of these young kids took their own life now due to out our actions against them?? The whole thing is a tragedy but we need not create any more tragedy beyond this...

      Sorry to hear about your parent. I think due to this suicide we are losing focus on the real issue. For me the issue is how some journos will do anything to get some attention and how some radio stations got not moral values at all. If this was 2day fms first such case, they could have been forgiven, however its not. They are well known for their crazy stunts like this. Had that poor woman not taken her life, but lost her job and livelihood and left to deal with the consequences, do you think those journos or 2day fm would be out there fighting for her job??? I highly doubt that. They'd still be playing that recording over and over again and taking all the glory.

        If the nurses had followed protocol, none of them would be worried about their jobs right now.

        What idiot divulges information about a royal or celebrity to anyone?

        Their accents sucked, WHY would the Queen call, and WHO GIVES OUT INFO ABOUT A CELEBRITY ON THE TELEPHONE?

          Except that the girl that killed herself was not that one that gave the information, rather it was the nurse that transferred the call to the personal that released the information that died.
          The girl that transferred the call was not a receptionist and had answered the call for the receptionist who was busy for some reason. She still was not following protocol but not in the way that you think.
          If the radio station had not decided to do such a stupid thing the incident would have never occurred.

          in a hospital if a call is transfered, particularly in a case like this it is assumed that confidentiality checks have been made.

      still funny though lel

    inb4 white knights


      Has /b/ in his name, he must live on 4chan, better watch out guys, he'll get you with his original and witty comment.

    I feel obliged to point out that anybody can claim to be anonymous and anonymous is whoever claims to be them.

    Every time we read something about "Anonymous" we are very well reading about a different group every time, so let's just remember that "Anonymous" isn't a single organization.

      My thoughts too. This isn't the real anonymous, Its just a threat by a guy with editing software. The original anonymous group wouldn't give a crap about something this trivial.

        ...and welcome to the other edge of the sword. One knob can tarnish a "name" built around what you could call worthy causes. As is the case here.

          Here Here Mattm, Daniel and Kato, This is not anyone associated with the the type's of Anons who have caused serious chaos for Sony or Stratfor. It's more likley just messing with people heads for the LULZ. I believe the seriously skilled hackers are not willing to bring heat for something so irrelevant. Infact some I have spoken with very recently are prepared to defend the Dj's and as such the promoter of the video in question has already been backtraced. I think the vid was created by someone with bigger ambitions than skills and they might be wise to look at Barret Browne or Sabu to see how individuals can be affected by these infights and how they evolve.

        The point is there is no "real anonymous". Anonymous is whichever spontaneously gathered group of 4chan tards decide to launch a ddos attack against some person/organisation at any particular time.

          @simulacrum that is correct expect to say that it's not just b/tards who can group and work together behind a veil of anonimity. We have witnessed may spliters eminate from many different places, some heavily influential in the open source movement see 4chan as over run with summerfa*s. The bigger impact Op's such as the recent SQL injections although originating from 4chan were perfected elsewhere and on chans like the LULZCREW op specific purpose built but now defunct 7/11chan. Splinter groups like GNAA's Goat Sec have made exposing gaping holes a speciality. We also saw less effective splinters that piggy backed the hive thru places like that sad brainchild that was Project PM. I have even seen two most notable cyber crime stories of our time planned in a facebook pool and poker game. Planning group activities for the real world is also something I saw happening for the occupy movement via WOW. Also we should acknowledge the valuable social engineering efforts of the likes of Adbusters or Amped Status. Without the good old IRC or additions of tools like twitter we would collectivly be experiencing a very different paradigm. 2Day FM should not be worried about this empty threat and the rest of the media should stop feeding the trolls lest they get what they deserve.

          Nothing wrong with 4chan man.

            Sure, it's a great place for sixteen year olds to hang out online! Welcome to 2006!

      This isn't Anonymous, this is Anonyomous as they point out at 0:03.

      Not to mention I would bet my last dollar a few gov's have done a few things and then proceeded to blame it on Anon, just think if you were in a 3 letter agentcy and you wanted to do some op vs a country, if you blame it on anon then you won't be the focus of some countering operation. Eg USA wanting to stop Irans production of nukes.

    The media outrage has gone too far on this one. It was a prank call - something we hear everyday on the radio and enjoy. This time, there has been a death involved, but to make a causal link between the prank call and the death is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion. It is insulting for us to think that this occurred solely due to the prank. Regardless, none of this could be foreseen by anyone, so to accuse the djs of murder is just ridiculous.

      Thank God I'm not that only one thinking this. When I heard this story a few days ago, my reaction was "WTF?" That prank call had nothing to do with the suicide. Hell, the lady who did die wasn't even the women who gave out the information, so she was never in trouble at any stage. The media is true stretching for this one, and "Anonymous" well.... aren't you easily swayed by media. (I don't think for a second that this is the original Anonymous group(s), just probably a bunch of teens.)

        Interestingly, a lot of the new broadcasts seem to omit the part where the woman who killed herself was the one who transferred the call, not the woman who gave out the information. Just goes to show the level of professionalism there is in journalism these days....

        I think the prank call didn't play as much into this woman's suicide as we've been led to believe. Sure, it might not have helped her state of mind, but I suspect that there might be a lot more to her life and suicide than the news are reporting or aware of. With that in mind, I don't think these two presenters deserve all the hate they're receiving. I just hope neither of them are pushed over the edge...

      These prank calls haven't been funny for years. They're just cheap, easily replicated filler material. They only exist on commercial stations like 2day fm (the home of Kyle and Jackie O, which should tell you something) due to lack of original material, and are about as funny as those 80's sound effects they play for comedic effect BO-OI-OI-OI-NG! That's what SHE said! ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

      Bullying in schools happens every day with the occasional suicide. Is it insulting for us to think that a link between teen depression and subsequent suicide as a result of bullying is a bit of a stretch?

      I can't speak for the woman's frame of mind or the events in the lead up to her death but if it were me, I would have felt humiliated in front of my family, my colleagues, the royal family - and the broader global stage.

      Perhaps the radio station, the presenters etc. aren't *directly* responsible and calling it murder is a little extreme but their actions did lead to her humiliation, possible subsequent depression / frame of mind and ultimately suicide. Tenuous link?

      So culturally, we think it's ok to embarrass someone on radio, on TV etc. because it's a good laugh. It sends a message that this is socially acceptable - yet when it happens in the school yard the same people who think it's funny in the media are suddenly incensed because of the effects it could have on children.

      The protection of mental health isn't just for our kids. Up to 1 in 10 people who suffer from depression take their lives - between 2000 - 2500 Australians every year. That's 1 person every 4-6 hours. Every day.

      This crap isn't funny. I cringe when I hear this stuff on the radio or watch it on TV. Having fun at someone else's expense isn't cool. It isn't funny. It can have very real, damaging - and lasting effects.

        Except if you listen to the recording of the actual call, what they did was nothing like the schoolyard bullying that everyone decries (and rightfully so). They didn't insult the nurse, they didn't discriminate against her based on her sexuality or appearance, they didn't threaten her with violence. All they did was (very poorly) imitate Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, and she transferred them to the department they were looking for.

        As others have said here, something else must have been going on in her life for her to get suicidal. I have a hard time believing that being fooled into giving up information about your rulers would lead to suicide, unless this were feudal Japan.

          I am not suggesting that this was the only factor in her suicide. My point was to draw a parallel between the (possible) subsequent frame of mind of the woman after being subjected to the prank call.

          @adamhlt inferred that making a link to the suicide and the prank call was a 'stretch.'

          What I am saying is that I think the prank call and following events had a direct (or indirect) impact on her frame of mind - which ultimately led to her taking her own life. Much the same way that humiliation as a result of bullying impacts a teen's frame of mind and may contribute to them considering suicide as an option.

    This crap is getting out of hand, blown completely out of proportion by the press, British in particular. Yes it was a tragedy and yes go ahead and sympathise. The actual prank however was in and of itself completely acceptable, given that most radio stations have been doing this for decades. The Radio Jocks didn't even expect to get through in the first place, so when they did, they did what was expected at the time and played it through. The nurse should have been better trained in this sort of protocol, if she had been this would not have happened. Get down off your high horses and look at it from a common sense perspective.

      Nurses need to be trained to look after sick people. Not understand nefarious minds of some sick DJs and tackle impersonating phone calls.

        Yes but this was supposedly a secure ward for the likes of the Queen etc. The nurse should have been trained or instructed for this situation. Having said that, this is one of those situations that could happen innocently enough by accident. It has gotten out of control because of the media. The pressure on her must have been immense!

          Yes, the media created the pressure, but what was the trigger? To think that there would not be any media blowback when dealing with the Royal Family could only be described as naive in the extreme. They made a call to take advantage of the situation. To say some of the outcome was not forseeable is ridiculous. I'll bet they didn't even consider the innocent individuals in the chain of events. These events have a strange ring of familiarity to them as something very similar was portrayed in the movie "Absence of Malice".

          I have no doubt the DJ's are young and naive and intended no malice, however media companies always have a department to vet content to minimise the trouble they get into to stop them getting sued. There would have been a meeting between experienced media people where the pro's and con's were discussed before being given approval. It is with these people that the blame lies.

          As for the victim in all of this, most of the comments seem to indicate this outcome would only have been possible if she had pre-existing issues. That's not necessarily the case. In some cultures family honour and trustworthiness are highly regarded. To bring shame on oneself and ones family, or to betray the trust of someone important can be viewed as the ultimate dishonour. While it is easy for us to dismiss the importance of this from a western point of view, I have friends who have told me this could very easily lead to suicide in their cultures. In these cases, suicide is seen as the "honourable" solution.

      Agreed 100%.

      They've been doing prank calls for years. Guido Hatzis, anyone? Hamish and Andy?

      This was just a tragic incident.

    To everyone who keeps saying the reaction is getting out of hand, Did you guys all forget that this station has a history of doing shitty pranks like this? Remember Kyle Sandilands, who strapped a 14 yr old girl to a lie detector on live radio and questioned her about her sexual experiences and she blurted out that she got raped at the age of 12!! Is that appropriate? The same guys threatened a female reporter on air that he'll cut her and punch her and what not and called her a female fat pig, just because she gave his program a bad review.

    Do people like this belong on air and allowed to corrupt people's mind by filling their mind with ideas that these kind of things are okay.

    What kind of legal department does this radio station has, that approves these kind of things?

    Calling a hospital and seeking confidential patient details is wrong and illegal. Impersonating another human being (much less the queen of england) is illegal. I am surprised at the sympathy these shitheads are getting. they need to be tried in a court of law. not just the DJ's but the management of the station, their legal department and the program manager. If not for involuntary manslaughter, at least for the above things i mentioned.

      Relax, radio stations have been doing this for ages with varying degrees of actual humour. These jocks didn't even expect to get through and I have no doubt that had the nurse not been overwhelmed by the press it would have been forgotten very quickly.

        I'm not sure you can speak for someone else's frame of mind and what would have happened in different circumstances. She may have felt a deep sense of shame and embarrassment regardless of whether or not it had been blown up by the media. If it had repercussions for her job - possibly even more so. In some cultures, honour, shame etc. mean quite a lot (not sure if this was a contributing factor). Not everyone shares the 'taking the piss' mentality.

    I've considered prank calls by FM commercial radio stations unfunny for a very long time now. I thought they were left behind in the 80's. I don't see how in this day and age anyone can find it funny to ring up someone at work who is just trying to do their job and wasting their time. Some of them are borderline racist with the accents that are put on and the stereotypes that are used. I think prank calls should stop - not because of this incident though, but just because they are not funny.

    Having said that, I don't think there's actually ANY evidence here to suggest that the nurse committed suicide as a direct result of the prank call.

      I agree with your comment. How can a prank call be the sole cause for someone's suicide? Seems as though she may of suffered from mental demons prior to this and all it needed was a trigger. It is unfair to blame the radio station for someone's death and especially anonymous now becoming involved... It's out of control. Focus on the deeper issues and stop playing the blame game.

        Thank God we have some forensic psychiatrists involved in the case here to explain what really happened.

          you don't need to be a shrink. ask yourself, if i called you right now and made you look like a dick, would you then go off and top yourself?
          as for anon threatening 2day... what a bunch of dicks. go to school or bed or something. i think i hear your mummy calling ya. what are they gonna do? take their website offline for an hour? oh the humanity!
          she didn't commit suicide anyway. it was goons. hired goons.

            Imagine being made to look professionally incompetent and stupid and having it recorded illegally and playing it out to the whole world and laughing about it. Still think its okay? Not everyone is shameless or thick skinned.

            This studio was so careless that they continued to play it on air even after the nurse took her life. Are they heart less or criminally negligent?

    Woman commits suicide because she transferred a phone call.



    Absolutely nothing else was wrong in her life I'm sure.

      Woman in state that she would consider suicide.

      Suddenly... random public humiliation & possible serious repercussions to career.

      Sure. Nothing to see. Move along. Lets just all ignore any possible connections.

        I pranked my workmate the other day. He didn't like it. Does that give him the right to be selfish by killing himself and abandoning his kids? and all because of me??

          That's not what Mekat was getting at. What if she'd been considering suicide and suffering depression for 10 years? This one thing could've pushed her over the edge.

          Well I don't recall seeing about your prank in the press. Having a prank with a mate is one thing. Doing it with the Royal Family involving innocent 3rd parties is quite another. As I mentioned in another comment, people underestimate the cultural importance of honour to some people. To publicly bring shame upon your family can be devastating.

    That wasn't Anonymous, just someone who used a Anon video as their background and used voice software. Watched many Anon videos and also didn't sound like a official video. Besides last week, They released a video on Siberia and internet cutting as well as countries who want to censor the internet and this week they going after 2 dj's who made a harmless prank call which unfortunately backfired tragically with the person commiting suicide. Got bigger fish to fry.

      Exactly. Anonymous usually only mobilises big time for threats against the internet - this is small fry and not in their usual purview. It's probably either just a tiny splinter group or someone using the Anonymous 'brand' to freak out 2DayFM.

    This has gone totally out of hand. It was a prank call - they weren't trying to kill the nurse, the nurse killed the nurse. Yes it's really unfortunate. But the hospital slamming the DJs just proves that they themselves feel the weight of guilt. Shouldn't they have some kind of protocol in place? The DJs probably didn't even expect to get through.

    I don't think it's anon this time. Usually they go after people when an issue gets no attention. This looks to be a false stand-alone entity who is trying to ride the fear-wave

    Maybe if the media didn't blow it out of proportion then that poor nurse wouldn't have taken such drastic actions.

    Everyone is to blame, not just the station who made the call.

    I wouldn't put it past a conspiracy theory either - Royal Families have been killing people for centuries when they've been put at risk by others. why should they stop now all of a sudden coz its the 21st century - if anything its more important now to preserve royal life in a world full of media.

    I wonder if anonymous can do any hacking to find out if anything went dodgy on the royals end.

    The two radio presenters have broken the law. Bogus calls are illegal. Recording a telephone conversation without permission or a warrant is illegal under federal laws. Impersonation of an officer (military or police ) is also illegal. Prince Charles is our highest ranking officer !

      You aren't the only one who watches the morning news. Radio stations have been doing this for ages and no one has been arrested for it so far as I can remember!

        As far as I know, there are not many radio stations in the world that would consider it acceptable to impersonate a relative to obtain medical records for the listener's entertainment. Journalists are prosecuted for less in the UK.

          Mehh.. Given the amount of stations world wide and the decades they've been making prank calls, that's a pretty big call to make. This one just happened to catch fire and the British press is pouring petrol on it.

        Just because some things have been done for a long time, doesnt make it right.

        Its a funny prank call if you are calling some one to play a harm less joke. Its not if you are impersonating a relative and call a hospital and try obtain private medical details which are confidential.

        Having an intention or not doesnt matter. No one can deny the fact that the DJs (or the DHs) called the hospital and impersonated the the queen and her husband and tried to obtain medical details of KM.

        Thats impersonation and trying to obtain private information. Thats a law suite right there.

        Some one can be having a good time in a party and after a couple of drinks go for a drive and kill some one in an accident. Ohh they didnt mean to. They didnt imagine a harmless fun drive would lead to some one's death. Is that an acceptable excuse.

        I work in a hospital. I know the kind of pressure the people who work there would be under. Apart from dealing with the life or death situations everyday, dealing with a high profile case with the world's media attention is an added pressure. Having to deal with some silly so called prank call is another.

        This kind of unwanted, unfunny and dangerous antics are what lead to the paris crash and Diana's death. can you say it was harmless attention by media?

        I sincerely hope this radio station is disbanded and its ass minded DJs (not just the two involved in this incident) who work in a shitty managed place like this sent packing and job hunting.

        That is if there is no manslaughter case against them.

          You really need to get a grip on reality. Lets just keep pushing until more people are suicidal?

          You have overreacted just like the british media have. If the media didn't make such a mountain out of this, it wouldn't have gotten as bad as it has ended, and you're calling for more blood?

          Perhaps the hospital should have had far better protocols to deal with all situations, considering they care for monarchs and royals.

          To be guilty of bad taste is one thing but to be held guilty of manslaughter is a monstrously unfair other, and makes the finger pointers seem hypocrites.

          Want to push more people over the edge? Keep on screaming "blood on their hands".

          Let's see if Greig and Christian now crack, too. Is that the game?

          Last edited 10/12/12 11:02 pm

      You forgot to tell everyone to grab their pitchforks and torches.

    Well its good to see Anon have increased their FX budget, bravo.

    Calling for the heads of the radio presenters and pinning MURDER on them, is childish, ignorant and far from helping the situation.

    I agree that the whole idea of the prank was damn stupid but nobody could have foresaw this out come, nobody. Obviously and sadly the poor nurse has some pressing mental health issues, a clinically mentally healthy person does not kill themselves over something as this especially considering she was facing no blame or punishment for it from any of those involved.

    Oh except from the general public who only has her name thanks to the British media, as Austero was keeping the names of the nurses anonymous to save them from this type of backlash.

    Blame who you like for this whole incident but throwing around accusations and demanding punishments like this is only going to incite more problems.

    Also why aren't they after Kyle's head? I mean if anyone deserves it its him, he is actually a harmful cancer on the world.

      Agreed. I blame Kyle Sandilands exclusively for this. And for most other problems in the world today. Especially food shortages.

        I strongly agree

    Compared to some of the hilarious stuff Crank Yankers have pulled over the years, this was incredibly lightweight. And these dickheads from Anonymous ought to make the effort to understand how this stuff works before summarily demanding who gets what. It is highly unlikely the presenters even thought up the idea. Radio shows have producers for that kind of thing. And the segment was pre-recorded, so any number of management types would have had the opportunity to veto it if they deemed it unacceptable or inappropriate. The presenters here are as much victims as the dead nurse, it is the station's management who clearly need to go, assuming anyone at all does (and I don't think that is the case at all).

    What I find so harsh about the reaction against the presenters is that they would have had no intention of all at the phone call lasting more than 10 seconds. These prank calls all follow a really standard script.

    1) Put on bad accent
    2) Pretend to be associated with celebrity
    3) Call hotel or hospital
    4) Receptionist hangs up on you
    5) Laugh, then play song

    I honestly believe the presenters had no intention of ever talking to somebody, and they never meant to cause harm.

    The poor woman took her life after making a mistake, do we really want the presenters to suffer the same way for their mistake?

      No, we don't want the presenters to suffer but their intentions (or lack thereof perhaps) aren't really the issue.

      As an example - We have quite strict laws about bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace where intent doesn't factor in as an excuse.

      Grabbing my co-workers ass or making obscene thrusting movements behind her back might make my other co-workers laugh. My intention was just to have a laugh. My intention wouldn't be to humiliate her - so that makes it ok?

      I have no doubt that they never believed they'd get through and that they certainly never would have intended someone take their lives but that's what happened. There's plenty of blame that could be spread around but I'd instead like to see us get this drivel off the air and off our television shows.

        I wasn't talking about intent in a legal way, just that it wasn't what they had planned. From a legal point of view there is a lot more too it. Your sexual harassment examples don't apply to this situation, because they all fail the "reasonable person" standard.

        Would a reasonable person expect that grabbing somebodies butt cause that person offence? Absolutely.

        Would a reasonable person expect somebody to commit suicide when subject to a prank call? I don't think so. Prank calls of this format happen all the time and we don't hear about a huge number of suicides caused by them. It's also worth pointing out that there were 2 nurses on the call, and one of them was able to deal with the situation differently. I think that goes to the defence of the presenters.

        Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the presenters didn't make mistakes. I just think it is wrong to claim that they are murderers.

          Fair point, and I agree that calling them murderers is inappropriate (I do not support that view) - the example was extreme but my point in its use was that regardless of intent, there was an (unintended) consequence from the initiating party. In these prank calls, the goal is to irritate or embarrass someone else for the enjoyment of others and they're in poor taste.

          I don't know enough about legalities to comment from that point of view, what I'm suggesting is that they knew they were going to have a chuckle at someone else's expense. Radio 'shock jocks,' reality TV shows where judging occurs etc. display these behaviours in the interests of ratings. They do it because that's apparently what people like to see/hear and I think its acceptance is a problem.

      But then they did cause harm, again and again and again by seeking to make money off of a deeply shaming experience for a nurse. As the video says, this nurse was only trying to help others. At a hospital.

      This was not a regular prank call. Once one concedes this point, another perspective emerges.

        If "seeking to make money off of a deeply shaming experience" was the 'crime' then shouldn't the media be subject to the same wrath as the presenters?

        It's possible that if the story was not reported beyond the original radio broadcast then this unfortunate event never would have happened.

        I doubt the nurse had any idea how many times the call had been played on an Australian radio station.


          Just wow

    Can someone explain to me the Australian media's repeated claims that these DJs are innocent because of an "absence of malice"? The same could be said for drunk drivers, yet in most countries they are prosecuted for their disregard of human life. I'm only seeing this in Australian media and am wondering if I'm missing some sort of distinction particular to Australian law or cultur?

      I haven't been following the story closely but I do think that the aggression against the radio presenters is a bit over the top.
      One difference between drunk drivers and these radio presenters is that running someone down is a predictable outcome of driving drunk, whereas someone committing suicide is not a predictable outcome of a prank call like this. The same can be said of the previous post commenting on grabbing a co-worker's arse. The difference is the predictability of the outcome. The (mythical) reasonable adult can see that driving drunk or grabbing a coworker's arse is going to cause major harm, feelings of threat, etc.
      For such a phone prank, it was reasonably predictable that someone would experience intense discomfort, or in the extreme case perhaps lose their job - and there should have been contingencies for that. The outcome has been tragic, but in terms of predicable risks, I don't think it would have ranked up near the top, or middle, or upper end of the bottom on a reasonable adult's list of perceived risks.

      So basically, I'm in agreement with 'piat' above.

      Last edited 23/01/14 11:21 am

        What do you predict the outcome to be when you call a hospital asking for confidential details about a patient getting treatment while impersonating a relative?

        Assume, that they would'nt get far and not actually get access to the information. But they did manage to get through. (How many of the nurses would you think would ask for id proof if the queen calls asking how her grand daughter is doing when the grand daughter is actually in the hospital?)

        Ok, they get access to the information. They recorded it without any approval from any of those involved. They are now claiming that they tried to intimate them 5 times. If you could not let them know don't broadcast it. plain and simple. They breached an ethics code.

        There are not rules regulating the industry but there are guide lines. Have a look at the following article.


        t's right there in ''Code of Practice 6: Interviews and Talkback Programs.''
        It states … ''A licensee must not broadcast the words of an identifiable person unless:
        a) That person has been informed in advance or a reasonable person would be aware that the words may be broadcast.
        b) In the case of words which have been recorded without the knowledge of that person, that person has subsequently, but prior to the broadcast, expressed consent to the broadcast of their words.''

        Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/time-to-do-more-than-just-talk-about-radio-standards-20121209-2b3nk.html#ixzz2EcZSBrhk

        Neither of the two guidelines were followed.

        Why shouldnt the station be legally acted upon??

          And what about the laws about providing private information to people unknown over the telephone? Which wrong was committed first?

          You have quoted "codes of conduct", not laws that are legally binding and actionable under the law. What legal action under the law should be taken? Burning at the stake? So we just keep hounding others until our thirst for blood is quenched? Give it up, time for a reality check.

          Last edited 10/12/12 10:28 pm

            To your previous reply and this one,

            The first wrong was committed when the radio station contacted the hospital to obtain private and confidential medical information pretending to be some one else. Recording this without their consent is their second mistake. Airing it with out letting the people involved is their next wrong doing. Continuing to air the audio even after the nurse took her life is the ultimate mistake.

            I am not saying the RJs are the ones that should face all the back lash. There is a management at the station along with a legal department. This audio was recorded and played later. The least they could have done was to make sure the hospital and the nurses were suitably advised. The management claims they tried to contact the hospital at least 5 times. That doesnt make it acceptable. You don't get in touch with them, don't air the audio. plain and simple.

            Its not just a code of conduct. Are you telling me that if the royal family wants to they dont have grounds for suing the radio station?

            I don't know where you are from and if you follow the news. This type of controversy is not new to this particular radio station. They keep doing these kind of morally/ethically wrong stunts and escape by saying "its not illegal/ there are no legal boundaries" It is the management that has to be held responsible. Not the RJs. They were just pawns.

            Its RJs strap 14 yo girls to lie detectors and make them discuss their sex lives on live radio. They call female reporters who give their programs negative feedback "fat ugly pigs and threaten them with physical harm on live radio". All this garbage is okayed every time . The management's principle seems to be the more controversial you can get, the better ratings and promotion.

            This has got to stop.

    I bet the 13 year old who made that video is pretty chuffed with all the attention he's getting.


    Why isn't anyone looking at the hospital for faults????


    It seems she would be deeply mentally disturbed and probably a victim of work place bullying or domestic abuse.

    Occam's razor. The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.

    So whats more likely. She received one prank phone call and a day later she killed herself from embarrassment....or there has been an underlying abuse within her workplace or family that drove her to this selfish act.

    Keeping in mind that no one has confirmed any suicide took place, everybody is just assuming it did.

    This is stupid there shouldn't even be a discussion on this. They made a prank call. If someone is going to kill them selves this wouldnt have been the deciding factor. She had her mind made up.

    And thats even IF she commited suicide.

    This is stupid and the media needs to fuck off with it.

    What a joke, annon need to sort their shit out. Seriously, what do they even stand for anymore?
    They've turned into the laughing stock of the tech world

    Obviously security in the Hospital is a bit of a joke.. Also if you read the report that this is linked to all it says is 'Ms Saldanha, 46, answered the phone before transferring the call to a colleague' and then it says 'Ms Saldanha was later found dead in her apartment on Friday after an apparent suicide.'
    It doesn't say that her death was a directly related to the prank call at all although it is implied..
    To me it looks like a case of headline grabbing by British tabloids who seem to be using this poor woman's death as a tool to sell newspapers...
    I think it would be ill advised for anyone to make threats or take any sort of action until all the facts are on the table. Otherwise your just another bully in the school yard.

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