10 Photos That Make Earth Look Like Art

10 Photos That Make Earth Look Like Art

Our planet is full of breathtaking views: oceans, mountains, forests, glaciers and plenty more besides. Look at it all from space though, and plenty of those views become so striking that they’re hard to distinguish from art.

NASA has recently published a free ebook called Earth as Art, which brings together years’ worth of beautiful satellite photos from around the world. This one, for instance, is a stunning shot of the Himalayas in Central Asia. Check out this gallery to see some more of our favourites.

Rocky Mountain Trench, Canada

Lean River Delta, Russia

Bogda Mountains, China

Byrd Glacier, Antarctica

Bombetoka Bay, Madagascar

Carnegie Lake, Australia

Dasht-e Kavir, Iran

Erg Chech, Algeria

Garden City, United States

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Images: NASA