10 Insults Hidden On Shopping Receipts

10 Insults Hidden On Shopping Receipts

Do you know the one of the three overweight women who walk into a restaurant and get an electronic receipt with the words “FAT GIRLS” on it? Sadly, you probably do because it’s not the first time something like this has happened. This time the victims were these three women in Stockton, California, and the list keeps growing. Insulting people on receipts is officially a trend now.

It seems some people are now so used to insult using Twitter, Facebook or any other internet forum, that they have lost the most basic of civilised behaviours. Perhaps these people now detach themselves from the consequences of their actions whenever they are behind a screen and a keyboard, even if it’s a restaurant terminal or a cashier.

Maybe they have grown so insensitive that anything goes for them, that they can’t distinguish between internet life and real life. After all, it’s all the same life. Unfortunately, instead of being civilised online like they should be in face to face interactions — or risk getting a punch or fired — people are moving this conduct to the real world too.

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