You're The CEO: Which Company Should Buy What Other Company?

Facebook bought Instagram for a bazillion, Digg sold itself for spare change, and countless startups are hoping to get copped too. But if you could make it happen, which company would buy out which?

I'd love to see Apple pick up the BBM division of RIM, the only wonderful slice in an otherwise terrible pizza, and use it to make iMessage as perfect as BBM has always been. Foursquare is also ripe for the picking, and mixing it into Apple Maps would make that beleaguered app super useful.

What about the rest of you?


    Gizmodo buys Apple :P

      I thought apple already owned Giz?... some of the articles sure read like that :P

    Sony should get bought out by McDonalds because there happy meal toys suck. It might be hard to fit a PS3 in a happy meal box but at least it wont be a choking hazard to little (or big) kids.

    Google to buy Apple

      The more probably situation would be Apple to buy Google, they have half of Google's market cap in cash...

    I think Apple should buy Yahoo and/or Nokia, this way they could drastically improve their services (especially under Eddy Cue) while also taking out one of the main players in Windows Phone.

      Yahoo wouldn't be a good buy for Apple but Nokia would be a great buy! They get great mapping, some hardware expertise and close down a major Windows Phone partner.

        Why wouldn't Yahoo be? Apple already get their services from Yahoo (ie, Weather and Stocks), and could more deeply integrate them within Siri creating a more Google Now like experience.

        The pie-in-the-sky dream for Apple would be to buy Microsoft, then they could really go thermonuclear on Android

          Maybe, they would also get Marissa but these aren't 'core' technologies and Yahoo is quote bloated.

          As for MS, I think Google would be a better buy at the same cost. That is a better way to go thermonuclear on Android :)

    Apple to buy AMD and Sharp - bring all kinds of chips and display tech in-house.
    MS to buy RIM and WhatsApp - bring just about every messaging protocol under the Skype banner.
    ASUS to buy HTC - pretty much the only real Android competitors to Samsung, stronger united
    Samsung to buy LG - Korea vs. Taiwan, anybody?

    Maccas and any Chinese store. Hmmm drive though chinese in five minutes

      You need to buy a chinese store to cook chinese food? They probably already do this in China.

    I don't know what this makes me ideologically, but I'd rather see less buyouts than more. Partnerships (a la Skype and Facebook), absolutely yes thankyou more please, but I can't help but think more competition is better. Didn't Google try and buy Facebook in its early days? If it had then I doubt FB would be the powerhouse it is today (for better or worse).

    Why does Apple need to buy BBM for iMessage to be better? Couldn't Company X analyse Company Y's product to improve their own, which leaves consumers with two good products constantly trying to be better, rather than one?

      have you not noticed the whole 'patent wars' situation! Company X is having a hard time improving on company Y's product as company Y has a host of unreasonable patents. Not to mention a number of reasonable patents. Building on someone elses idea will get you in a lot of trouble

        Definitely have noticed, and I wonder whether these massive companies gobbling up lots of smaller ones and their patents isn't contributing to the problem. Stealing or blatantly copying ideas is and always will be dumb - but used fairly, they're designed to foster and protect innovation, not squash it. Big companies buying up everything they possibly can in the hope of destroying all their competitors - not through having the better product but by retroactively invalidating all others - is not good for anyone.

        It's like if you go from having, say, 50 small book publishers, to one gigantic one. Which scenario is going to see more variety of books published?

    Qualcomm to buy AMD! After the immediate firing of all AMD's board of directors (get out the Intel operatives) Don't say that's a conspiracy theory AMD simply couldn't get shit wrong this much without some level of sabotage, we know it goes on at the OEM level with massive cash injections from Intel to dissuade them using AMD products. Take that Incredible engineering brain bunch of engineers and allow them to do what they do best and that is make AMAZING CPU's and GPU's with the R&D money they need to do it :)

    Qualcomm to purchase TI, the two are in direct competition so merging the two companies will provide a greater front against nVidia and ARM.

    Google to buy non-profit organisation Wikipedia. Perfect fit as Google rarely ever charges for its services. Google should never have bought Motorola, sell it to Apple.

    About to years ago Microsoft to buy Rim and put Steven elop in charge. Then they leave Nokia alone to make meego! Winning

    Huawei to buy Alcatel just to mess with the Australian Govt...

    Microsoft to buy THQ... so many good game IP's that could be made xbox exclusive for a steal.

    Apple to buy Nintendo. Imagine Nintendo as a software company and the entire back catalogue on iOS. They would make millions and millions of dollars. I know Nintendo has said that they would not exist as anything less than a hardware company, but still. It would be awesome.

    Android performing a coup d'├ętat on Apple.
    Just to upset the apple cart ;-)

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