You'll Never Guess What Australia's Favourite Brand Is On Facebook

I've never been that crazy about Facebook, but I will profess a curiosity over what people decide to like (or not like). These sorts of statistics would have been impossible to gather at a glance 10 years ago, so to be able to just fire up a web browser and say, find out what brand Australia loves the most (at least according to Facebook) will always be a little remarkable.

Before you read on, take a guess — what brand has Australia given almost 1.8 million thumbs-up too?

And the winner is... Bananas In Pyjamas, with 1.756 million Facebook likes. My guess would have been The Wiggles, but their official page has a paltry 123,000 likes.

According to a series of infographics put together by media agency Online Circle (by way of Mumbrella), the rest of the top four is, in order: Bubble O' Bill Ice Creams (1.21m); Pringles Australia (1.07m); Home and Away (1.02m) and Masterchef Australia (1.01m).

There's something heart-warming about the fact Bubble O' Bill remains a prominent cultural icon, despite the fact I haven't consumed an actual Bubble O' Bill ice cream in almost two decades.


Image: stock.xchng

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