You’ll Never Guess What Apple Is Being Accused Of In New Zealand (Updated)

You’ll Never Guess What Apple Is Being Accused Of In New Zealand (Updated)

Apple has been involved in lawsuits all over the world in the last two years. From a billion-dollar windfall in the US to bitter defeat here in Australia, the Apple legal team has had nothing short of a rollercoaster time of it. Now Apple is in legal hot water in New Zealand, not against another tech giant, but against a disgruntled customer over a $NZ35 purchase.

It wasn’t just any $NZ35 purchase that Adam Crouchley bought from the New Zealand online Apple Store. He claims he stumbled upon a bug that saw products that were meant to be priced towards $100 marked down — presumably in error — to less than a dollar.

Naturally, Adam reportedly chatted with an Apple employee online who confirmed the prices were legitimate. You beauty, though Adam, who went and placed an order that would normally be around $NZ1600 for the paltry sum of — you guessed it — $NZ35.

Before he could get his hands on the super-cheap swag, though, Apple Australia (who runs the Apple New Zealand store) allegedly cancelled the order, which left Adam decidedly miffed.

Apple apparently intercepted some of the packages before they could reach Adam and cancelled the rest of the order. Some gear had already landed on his doorstep which Apple has said it will honour, but Adam is taking the tech giant to the Disputes Tribunal on December 13.

From billion-dollar lawsuits right down to $NZ35 squabbles. Never a dull day for Apple, is there?

Update: Adam kindly got in touch in the comments below and clarified that he’s not suing Apple as it were, he’s taking them to the tribunal. He writes:

To clarify, I am not SUEING Apple, that is not accurate. I am taking them to disputes tribunal, (small claims court).

I contacted Apple to confirm the price twice, by online chat and by phone. They confirmed on both occasions. I only bought gear for my office, not for resale, and I have not actually received anything at all like the story says.

Adam also claims to have the screenshots from his conversation with Apple. Here’s hoping he comes back to post them like we’ve asked!