Would You Tuck Into This Edible iPhone 5 Case?

It looks like someone took one of those marshmallow rice bubble treats and smashed it flat, before roughly moulding it into the shape of a dodgy-looking iPhone case. But hey, if that's what people want, then why deny them? So now we have the "Survival Senbei" iPhone 5 case from Japanese manufacturer Iki Iki, which offers cautious owners of Apple's smartphone a way to carry "emergency food" in a convenient fashion.

According to a story by BetaNews, each case / cracker is made by hand out of brown rice and salt. One will set you back ¥3818 ($46), which, ignoring the personalised construction, seems a little on the pricey side, especially considering the case is only good for 60 days after which consumption is conducted at one's own risk.

I'm curious as to how heat sensitive the case is — on hotter days would it get sticky or start to smell a bit? Wouldn't it be a bit gross to eat after a month or so of use? I guess if you're desperate for nourishment, such trivial dilemmas would be the least of your concerns.

[Iki Iki, via BetaNews]

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