Would You Play This Weird Alternate Reality Game By Google?

So Google is making a video game called Ingress. It's not a silly April Fools Joke but an alternate-reality game which means, like, you actually have to go out in the real world and see real things to get achievements. It's like <em<World of Warcraft for real life. Would you play it?

It's only available on Android right now, and only in select countries (of which Australia is not included), but former Google director of geo John Hanke and his Niantic Labs team (which is a start-up inside Google) told AllThingsD:

"The concept is something like World of Warcraft, where everyone in the world is playing the same game," Hanke said. Players are on one of two teams: "The Enlightened," who embrace the power, or "The Resistance," who fight the power. Anyone can play from anywhere in the world, though in more densely played areas there will be more local competition for resources.

It sounds incredibly geeky and totally nerdy but it's actually just a logical extension of gamification (ugh, I hate that word) apps, right? Would you play it? [AllThingsD via BuzzFeed]

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    I'd love to give something like this a shot. Were it available in Australia and on other platforms. The potential of smart phones in Australia has yet to be fully explored, augmented reality being one huge example of unexplored possibilities.

    There are so many ways location-aware devices can allow devs to innovate that are yet to be explored.
    What about an app that provides a walking tour of your city with relevant information provided at each point of interest, or more specifically, a tour of places of interest to you. You could select say, chocolate shops and famous crimes, and the app would create a tour just for you. Or you could go on a treasure hunt for famous landmarks with clues to find them - select your level of difficulty for your clues and you have a puzzle solving game as well.

    Why it hasn't cought on more is a mystery to me. I guess it must come down to money.

    If anyone knows of any Aussie apps that fit my ideas, please let me know. I'd love to buy them and give them a go.

      Although it's not an app, maybe you should try your hand at geocaching. Hiders sometimes hide their caches in interesting places that you might never know about otherwise.

    That looks like it could be a great activity for a Saturday or something. You'd want to have some kind of co-op play so you could go out with a few friends and play the game otherwise you'd just be a loner wandering the streets.

    I guarantee that none of us will look as cool as any of the actors in this video.

    I'd play for sure
    I'd like to see something like different classes e.g field agent, scout, hacker all with different jobs

    This looks like geocaching taken to the next level. Yes, I'd drag my girlfriend around the city for this.

    ya that would be awesome(=

    would be great if there were a pc link, so you play some parts at home and then head out to pick up items and exchange items from either people or shops? People could easily cash in on this game.

    Just got my invite today, but now it's saying that it isn't available in Australia. Disappointing.

    Got mine as well only to find out it isn't available in Australia. :(

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