Would You Pay $300 For A KitchenAid Toaster That Looked This Good?

For most people the $20 toaster they got from the supermarket is more than adequate. So KitchenAid is clearly targeting the toast connoisseurs of the world with its gorgeous new $US300 Pro Line model.

It’s not all about looks, though. The Pro Line includes auto-toasting functionality, which automatically detects and lowers breads into the heating elements. And once perfectly toasted, it raises them back up again for easy access so you don’t scorch your fingertips. It’s a feature that’s far from new to the toaster industry, but it helps justify dropping that much money on an appliance when all you really care about is its curvy lines. [Williams-Sonoma via The Green Head]


    It seems unnecessarily large for just a two slice toaster. must be for people with unnecessarily large kitchens.

      said the man with the small.... loaf

      You'd better have a damn mansion already if you're considering this.

    If you want a stylish and extremely well made, perfectly engineered toaster, get a Rowlett. They make these things look like the cheap Chinese crap they really are.

    They look awful & only cook two pieces of toast at a time.

    KitchenAid products can take massive punishment, at least in my experiences! But a two slice probably won't cut it for the price tag.

    Sure i would, if i had a spare $300. But not that one... that looks fugly.

    It's the Airstream trailer of toasters.

    KitchenAid are so over rated ! Sure they are supposed to be serviceable and more commercial friendly but I have often found appliances half their price that are better.. I personally think there blender is absolute rubbish and find my sunbeam is far superior .

      @ Timmy, where I did my cookery training they had KitchenAid mixers from the 80's, so in my experience they still work after decades of abuse from amateurs, brilliantly mind you. But I still wouldn't pay that much for a bloody toaster, Haha.

    Stick to the mixers, KitchenAid. The resurgence in cake decorating has given KitchenAid a tonne of money. I hope they are of the standard their mixers are, but I doubt it.

    Looks Ugly

    I spent that much (almost) on a toaster but it's fully digital with auto down/up function and a auto detect browning function. Now that's a sweet machine.

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