Would You Fly On An Airplane Without Any Seats?

Ryanair absolutely loves to stir up publicity by way of controversy, and it has another idea for its aeroplanes: no seats. As if charging to use the restroom wasn't enough, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary believes that seatbelts on planes are useless, so therefore it's a waste to even have seats. Make people stand!

O'Leary wants to rip out the seats in the last 10 rows of an aeroplane and create a standing room only section. Seatbelts apparently don't matter, because, according to him, "if there ever was a crash on an aircraft, God forbid, a seatbelt won't save you." According to the Telegraph:

He is currently seeking to create "standing room only" cabins for students and budget travellers, selling £1 tickets to European destinations... When it came to landing, he suggested, passengers could "hang on to the handle" and would be "fine".

If the ticket is cheap enough and the flight is short enough... I think I'd fly without a seat. What about you guys? [Telegraph via Consumerist]


    No seats? Where would they put our entertainment units?

    ...oh, and I'd like to have somewhere to sit when the turbulence arrives. That's one time when a seatbelt will save you...and it happens a lot!


      And say a rough-ass landing where, I dunno, a wheel or two blows. Not likely, in any way, but it could happen. Staying belted down would be good, instead of smashing against the nearest hard surface.

      Me thinking mistuh Leary not understand what belts actually do - stop you hitting things.

        I also don't wanna be one of the higher paying people in a seat that gets hit by a flying missile standing passenger!

          My thoughts exactly!!!

    They have been talking about doing this for years and I think it is an awesome idea. I would definitely do it for short flights.

    1 pound wtf. Then no one will buy the other tickets. Might as well stick these people with the luggage

      You're hired!

    ive paid 12 pence (0.12 pounds) for an hour long flight with ryan air plus 20pounds in taxes. i even got a seat

      I paid a $9 airfare to Melbourne return with Ansett during the price wars. I was 15 at the time.

    This works on busses because the chances of a bus wildly changing its vertical height is extremely low. Not so much for planes.

    An airline CEO who doesn't know that seatbelts are for preventing injuries during turbulence? Preposterous.

      An airline CEO with aids?! Even more preposterous.

    O'Leary should google October 7th 2008 and Qantas if he think seat belts do stuff all. That event alongside countless others. Seeing how he's made these quotes would there be a strong case against him in the event of an incident even if there is a waiver?

    Screw that! Being 6.5' I am most definately going to get knocked out during the first hint of turbulence lol

    Pretty sure it violates commercial passenger air safety regulations (worldwide), the same reason why you can't smoke. This is purely a publicity stunt. Air-Asia did the same thing a few years back.

    It's Ryanair I wouldn't fly with them at all.

      I did once. Budget airline cabins in Australia are luxury compared to Ryan air. I got stuck in the only windowless seat on the plane next to a smelly elderly couple for two hours. advertisements are everywhere in the cabin and even the PA system is used for 'radio like' ads. never again

    Other than being ripped to minced meat in a fight against gravity, most cause of air-accident death is actually to do with blood leaving your upper body due to high downward G-force. This also results in horrendous amount of confusion before the crash as most people pass out.

    Instead of seats-which is an implementation decades old without a good reason- why don't we have beds? compact bunker beds will be more comfortable for sleeping during a long range flights. They might allow airlines to save more space as we can use the empty space above the seats. Like in a spaceship where the astronauts lie down to endure the G-force during launch and etc, we should definitely have beds.

      I would only want to share a bed next to 0.00001 % of the population. Knowing my luck I would end up next to a randy fat guy that eats garlic and does not wash.

    Standing for 3+ hours - i don't think so. Everyone will be sitting on the floor and ppl will be getting pissed off. Won't work. Publicity stunt only.

    If you can't give everyone a seat then your plane isn't big enough

    Use suspended seatbelts.. harness, clicked into the roof... hey it would be cool everyone just hanging around.... NO probs, cordon off an area in the liggage bay, and add another hundred vertical berths....

    Please tell me, which European Air route is 3 hours long???

    Oh, you fly UK to Turkey all the time do you??

    Most of the ryan air flights are less than 2 hours (much less) .
    My gripe with RA, isn't the length of the flights, it is the flights which never leave the UK due to "Bad weather in Europe... Been stranded for a couple of days, just because O'Leary was too tight to pay for deicing....

    Mr O’Leary has it all wrong.... you can fit far more people onto a plane if you treat them like freight not cattle. Get the passenger to lie down in a box (lets call it a coffin), and send them to sleep and then load them onto the plane. you can even stack them on top of each other, hell you can even put them in the baggage hold. one could go so far as to use C-130's or C-17's to air drop passengers to their destinations, eg flight from Darwin to Adelaide with airdrops at Katherine, Tennant Creek, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, Port Augusta then stopping at Adelaide for refueling and loading of more passengers. and if anything goes wrong... eject the passengers and staff.

      I bet they could fit several dozen more passengers - no sorry, cargo units - strapped on the wings and in the wheel bays. Sure, they might create extra drag, but extra power could be gained by making everyone peddle, or by putting them in giant hamster wheels.

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