Will We Finally See A 1TB Optical Disc In 2015?

Compared to a CD's meagre 700MB storage space and a DVD's 5GB-ish capacity, a Blu-ray's 25GB allowance is pretty impressive. But it doesn't come close to a whole terabyte, and that's what FujiFilm is planning to pack on an optical disc arriving in 2015.

This isn't the first time we've heard about the fabled 1TB optical disk. TDK was talking about one back in 2010, but it still hasn't come to market almost three years later. FujiFim, on the other hand, predicts it will be able to get its version on shelves in two years, with the possibility of 15TB discs not that much further behind.

These mammoth discs rely on a special two-photon absorption technology as well as other manufacturing advancements can allow for the production of discs with 25GB layers, and up to 20 of those on each side. As if that wasn't enough, FujiFilm predicts these new discs will actually be cheaper to make than Blu-Rays. Obviously this is still in the works, and we're still waiting on those 1TB discs we heard about three years ago, so no one will blame you for being a little sceptical. Still, a 1TB disc sounds great even two years down the line, so long as flash memory hasn't completely outpaced it by then. [PhysOrg]

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    "so long as flash memory hasn’t completely outpaced it by then"
    This has already happened - 32GB microSD cards are smaller, faster, more capacious and cheaper than rewritable BRDs (e.g. Sony BRD-RWs come in at $24 or so) - but these days they are really used for different things.

      Check your work. You can easily find a pack of 5 verbatim BD-RE for around $20. That's $4 each or 16c per GB. I'd rather have the SD card, but plastic circles are still cheaper.

        Cheaper but less cost effective. Flash drives and SD cards are reusable making them an investment .

        Are those rewritable? If not, they are not equivalent to flash memory. But as I said, they have different uses - optical storage is still much better for long-term archiving.

    I would say this is used more as cheap disposable storage more than the versatility you get with flash memory.

    Same reason why tapes are still used as backup storage.

    BD is also 50GB dual layer and 150GB I think for BD XL.

    Will computers even come with optical drives in 2015?

      i dont understand why people what digital only its stupid

        Because cd/dvd/bluray are slow, they're easily damaged (which is why I make digital copies of everything) and not easily transfered. Digital is disposable, but it's renewable too. You can make as many copies as you want free of charge (within the given amount of space you have available of course) . I never said I want digital only, but tbh I can't see much benefit of discs in this day and age.

          It's not that hard to look after an Disc - silver side up man!

    Ahaha, what? Who would use this? Let the CD's, DVD's and Blu-rays die already.

      I will use this.

    Let me be cyncial and say blank discs will cost about $100 and by then SSD's will be so affordable we will go "we don't need no stinkin' optical disc".

    Too late to be of much use for most people.

    Yay I can finally have a 1TB coaster for my drinks

    I have over 150 blank DVD disks. Never use them, so when I need a coater at my PC, I just grab one down and presto :). Would be awesome to have a 1TB version instead of the measly 5GB

      I hear the 1TB ones have better absorbency! ;)

        I hear if you use them as frisbee's, they'll resonate a painful and chilling high frequency which will make your ears bleed.

    Ergh, give up on the optical media, there is no advantage to it. It's slow, it's unreliable, it's expensive itself, and requires expensive hardware to run... Worst of all, it's loud.... Go with solid state, infact, give up on everything else because solid state is cheaper, 100x more reliable, silent, more eco friendly and REUSABLE... What did you expect, Fujifilm. Applause?... I'd be far more impressed if you brought out a 100MB floppy disc.

      i thought ssd's cost more than hdd's

        For now it's about the same per GB, but once we stop beating around the bush and focus on something more worthy of our earths resources, it'll be a lot cheaper.

      But when your drive dies, so does the data. With an Disc you just put it into another drive.

        Sorry? SSD is a chip, very reliable. Far more reliable then a CD/DVD which can get scratched or warped, or sometimes the dye just start to break down... A SD card is far safer then optical media. If things are that important for you, you keep a backup anyway - Regardless of how much more reliable it is, nothings perfect.

          Solid State Drive and Secure Digital card are two different things.

            Yes, the formats are different, and the operation is slightly different, but the storage device is the same... I'm talking about Solid State Storage, ie, storage on chip - Not the individual uses for each standard.

              Yeah, I know what you're saying - my original PlayStation memory card from 1996 is still going strong. Though 1TB on 12cm X 2mm is an massive, physical, space saver - especially when compared to an external HDD... allthough SSDs' will be as thin as an credit card in the next few years, too!

                They'll get there. There's also research on other areas of storage, such as bacteria and stuff.... But I would invest in solid state over optical media.... For now...

    99.9% done.... "windows could not finalise the disk. Would you like to try again?"... oh the pain.

      No... No I wouldn't like to try again. Would've been quicker to dropbox this shit on dialup.

    They could be using these to put 4K movies on?

    Wonderful, so when we scratch these disks we lose even more data than before? In theory they're wonderful, but no-one seems to think of wear-and-tear when it comes to unprotected optical media....

      I agree - on one hand it's great having a bluray writer and being able to dump 25gb to disc in a few mins, but even 25gb is a lot to lose. 1tb gets ridiculous.

      I have Discs from 10 years ago that are not scratched - what do you do with yours?

      Yes, you would lose more bytes, but the percentage of data lost under the scratch would be the same... So yes, you will lose more data, but you would also save more data compared to an identical scratch on a disc with less storage space... The chances of permanently losing important files on the disc (assuming there's many types of files on the disc) are less with a greater density disc.

    How to i hang a CD from my key chain?

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