Will We Finally See A 1TB Optical Disc In 2015?

Compared to a CD's meagre 700MB storage space and a DVD's 5GB-ish capacity, a Blu-ray's 25GB allowance is pretty impressive. But it doesn't come close to a whole terabyte, and that's what FujiFilm is planning to pack on an optical disc arriving in 2015.

This isn't the first time we've heard about the fabled 1TB optical disk. TDK was talking about one back in 2010, but it still hasn't come to market almost three years later. FujiFim, on the other hand, predicts it will be able to get its version on shelves in two years, with the possibility of 15TB discs not that much further behind.

These mammoth discs rely on a special two-photon absorption technology as well as other manufacturing advancements can allow for the production of discs with 25GB layers, and up to 20 of those on each side. As if that wasn't enough, FujiFilm predicts these new discs will actually be cheaper to make than Blu-Rays. Obviously this is still in the works, and we're still waiting on those 1TB discs we heard about three years ago, so no one will blame you for being a little sceptical. Still, a 1TB disc sounds great even two years down the line, so long as flash memory hasn't completely outpaced it by then. [PhysOrg]

Image: Mircea RUBA/Shutterstock

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