Will The Interpol Filter Slow Down Your Internet Connection Speed?

One of the major concerns with the proposed mandatory internet filter from the Labor government was the implications it would have on your connection speed. Various testing showed results that connection speeds languished but Stephen Conroy defended the plan to its dying breath, saying that speeds wouldn't be affected. Will the new Interpol filter affect your connection?

For those not in the know: Conroy abandoned the government's mandatory internet filter plan in favour of compelling internet service providers to filter out content from the Interpol blacklist instead.

What's interesting is that the Interpol blacklist filter had already been implemented by the likes of Optus and Telstra almost over a year ago. None of its customers are able to get to any of the sites on the Interpol blacklist. When customers try, they're presented with a dead-end that looks like a grey page with the big, scary Interpol logo on it.

So far, there haven't been any reports of users experiencing slower speeds as a result of the Interpol blacklist. Therefore, at this early juncture, it's safe to say that you're not likely to experience any slow-down in your internet connection as a result of the Interpol blacklist filter.

Have you experienced a slow-down on Optus or Telstra directly relatable to the filter?



    A wise man once said "if your article can be summerised as "no" don't write it.
    I think an exemption can be made here.

      A wise man once said "we need to say no, since those idiots everywhere will assume yes"

    How would one know if any slow-downs they've encountered is directly related to the filter?

    I'm on Telstra and haven't noticed anything, but chances are I wouldn't. Does anyone know how the Interpol filter works? Is it just a DNS redirection meaning that you can still access the site if you go through an external DNS? I would imagine there would be very little overhead if this were the case. If it were IP layer or lower it would probably introduce some latency.

      As far as i know, it is a DNS redirect. so Yes bypassing it is utterly trivial, but also it shouldn't slow anything down. Unless they put a page from wikipedia on the list again.

    Is that a filter or something else. THey would not check every pack to see if it comes to/from one of the 0.00001% of blacklisted sites.

      would it be as simple a rule in the routers to block traffic to/from certain IPs? It couldn't be a DNS change cos then you could just point at a different DNS that doesn't block the sites.

    Pretty sure it would be a DNS redirection.

    As the article says, Telstra has had it for some time and I can hit 120mbps (down) with my cable connection. If it's slowing it down, it's not noticeable!

      Try going to one of the sites that's blocked. Bet you notice a speed difference then.

      That begs the question, if you do accidentally go to one of these sites and get the Interpol message, does you IP get flagged?

      I know that at work if you go to a website that gets blocked by the firewall you get sent a please explain email the next day from the security peeps.

        I'm confused. If you visit a site that's blocked, what does it matter if it's fast or slow? You can't load the content anyway.

    Honestly, I reckon that unless someone can prove to me that there's a lag in our internet speed - I'm not going to care. Long gone are my days of logging onto the Hezbollah forums!

    Sweet. And Interpol have no concerns with pirate bay... Or wikileaks... Etc... Ever...

    I'm far more concerned about how my Computer has uploaded 3 Megs and downloaded 26 Megs in the three hours I've used it. It seems to have bypassed my Kaspersky and the block I put in requiring my approval for any downloads.

    I find it unlikely it would slow down upload/download rates, I think the issue would be making that initial connection. True, a single connection would gave a lag of a fraction of a millisecond, but if every single IP in Australia is being routed to some server that then in turn spends a fraction of a millisecond to proccess every connection being requested, we would certainly notice a delay establishing a link, which could only get worse as the blacklist grows.

    Some of those budget ISPs are akready taking too long routing my connection requests as it is in my opinion

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