Why Screw Around With Paint Brushes When There's A Gun For That?

Sure, you could paint your ceiling with the same tools as Michelangelo uses. But doesn't that seem a little primitive? It may be time to upgrade your painter's tape and angled sash brush to Black & Decker's EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger.

At $US35, it's the type of tool an amateur renovator might use if they trust their unsteady hand to produce crisp edges when cutting in. Compared to most mechanised paint gadgets, there's minimal cleanup involved. The included plunger is easily filled by just sticking it in a can of paint, which gives you about 25 feet of coverage. Like the applicator, the tube is replaceable, so you don't even have to clean anything when you switch to a new colour.

[Black & Decker via Gear Patrol]

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