Why Screw Around With Paint Brushes When There's A Gun For That?

Sure, you could paint your ceiling with the same tools as Michelangelo uses. But doesn't that seem a little primitive? It may be time to upgrade your painter's tape and angled sash brush to Black & Decker's EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger.

At $US35, it's the type of tool an amateur renovator might use if they trust their unsteady hand to produce crisp edges when cutting in. Compared to most mechanised paint gadgets, there's minimal cleanup involved. The included plunger is easily filled by just sticking it in a can of paint, which gives you about 25 feet of coverage. Like the applicator, the tube is replaceable, so you don't even have to clean anything when you switch to a new colour.

[Black & Decker via Gear Patrol]



    Painters will like what I tell them to like.

    why are they wearing safety glasses?

      So some American idiot doesn't spray their eyes with paint and decide to sue Black & Decker for not advertising the product being used with eye protection.

        Just be thankful they're not wearing ear protection as well.

    Ha ha ha I'm a painter and we see lots of this stuff come out and fail. Its not for us painters its for people that don't know how to paint and think its easy.

      Sorry to bring you down man, but painting IS easy. The only advantage a "professional" painter has is more practice that allows them to do it faster. If an average person takes their time and uses commen sense they will have no problem.

        I would love to see you painting double storey 5 bedroom house.... with high ceilings ... full of furniture... There are reasons why we have professional painters.. Physically it might not be as hard as other jobs but you still need to know what to do and how to hold the brush, what to use to seal gaps in different areas etc...

        Look I respect your opinion but i know from experience its not easy to build up the material , product and procedure knowledge and my comment was only made because its a denoz direct product made to rip people off. It uses a tube for the paint that's not as efficient as dipping your brush in a pot.

          ummmmm sorry, but to bring common sense into any discussion is always a fatal flaw ... otherwise we wouldn't have a miriad of shows dedicated to stupid criminals, and bizarre ways of dying ... and people using a paint applicator in press photos wouldn't need to wear goggles ... needless to say, while a person who puts in the time, effort and a touch of research, can do a similar or identical job, this is rarely the case ...

    I'm thinking them paint lines are the paint you find in Photoshop.

    Painting is a pain in the @rse. I hate doing it. If it works it works, if it doesn't, you've cost yourself what? $35+Australia tax.
    When I moved in to my house I spent more time cutting in than it did painting the bl**dy walls themselves. If it works as well as a caulking gun, then I don't see the problem. I'd only use the thing once or twice anyway. Most of the paint brushes around that price are made in China anyway, and I'd probably only chuck them out once I'd done the job, or they'd be rooted 5 years later when I wanted to do some more painting.

    This idea will have its day... If there was a reliable way to cut in with a airless spraygun, painters would use it.
    Cutting in should be wet when the rest of the wall is rolled or you will see the joins. So a two person job (or one working very fast)

    For now there is no substitute for a quality brush. spend some money here and save yourself a lot of hassle.
    For a DIY'er I would suggest a 75mm brush for cutting in the walls, and a thinner 50mm brush for doing the trim. plan to spend around $100 for these two brushes.

    If you are using water based paint, clean the brush thoroughly every day by plunging it in a bucket of water, and 'spinning' it dry between your palms, like lighting a fire with a stick.
    leave the brush in water, suspended so the bristles dont hit the bottom of the bucket, and after 'spinning' it will be ready for the next use.

    even the best painter couldn't cut in with some of the brushes i have seen people attempt to paint there house with.

      This is so true lol the problem is when people buy a $7 brush from bunnings and the brush does not hold any paint to cut the line, then it takes so long.

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