Why Not Just Feed Babies Like Gerbils?

Babies require a lot of attention, and odds are your social life has taken quite a hit since your new arrival. But why waste money on a baby sitter, or impose on family, when this crib-mounted bottle can take care of feedings while you're having a night out on the town? The Crib Dribbler is the best thing to happen to parents since Barney died.

Unfortunately, as you've probably guessed, the Crib Dribbler isn't real. It's an idea that's ahead of its time, now relegated as a new addition to the $US8 Prank Pack line. But if you like to spread disappointment and distrust on Christmas morning, instead of joy and happiness, by all means please feel free to gift one of these to the new parents on your shopping list.

There are a couple of other new additions to the Prank Pack line as well. Like the Pet Sweep mop booties that turn your dog into your own personal cleaning service. (The antithesis of pet ownership.) And the Extreme Chores motion control game, which actually looks a lot more entertaining than most real Wii titles. [Prank Pack]

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