Why Are There Mysterious Pac-Men On Saturn's Moons?

After discovering Pac-Man on the Death Staraka Mimas — NASA has discovered a new Pac-Man in Tethys. And they still don't know why the hell this shape appears, but they have a theory.

Scientists theorize that the Pac-Man thermal shape on the Saturnian moons occurs because high-energy electrons bombard low latitudes on the side of the moon that faces forward as it orbits around Saturn, turning a fluffy surface into hard-packed ice. As a result, the altered surface does not heat as rapidly in the sunshine or cool down as quickly at night as the rest of the surface, similar to how a boardwalk at the beach feels cooler during the day but warmer at night than the nearby sand.

The most surprising thing about the Tethys Pac-Man is that it also appears on visible-light images, not only thermal analysis. I can't wait till the discover Mario jumping on Titan. [NASA]

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    More details at http://space.perraudin.fr/cassini-finds-a-pair-of-pac-men-at-saturn/

    thats no moon...

      Actually these are moons of the planet Saturn (not "The Moon") (please visit http://space.perraudin.fr)

        its a fuckin space station....dont ya get the joke or star wars reference?

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