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    For those of you who are interested, there is a pretty good nokia 920 review here :
    not sure how to post it as a link so you will need to copy and paste

    Lets play a quick game of hypotheticals.

    Lets say that hypothetically i know someone who works in a night club and found a lost phone, placed the phone in the clubs lost property for a month, no phone calls or texts and no one has claimed it so what is the legality of keeping the phone when no one has come forward to claim it?

    Cops dont go after lost phones, i know this for a fact because another mate of mine lost his phone tracked it, gave the location to the cops and they said they couldn't do anything about it, they did however gave him a number to give the insurance company to get a replacement.

    People might think that just claiming a stolen phone is safer then tracking it yourself considering that story a while ago who was suing the owner of a stolen phone for tracking him and invading his privacy.

      I think you need to take it to the police, they keep it for 3 months or something and then you get it if it's not claimed. Police don't track lost phones but they do take them if found. If you do keep it now and it is reported as lost or stolen and you are somehow found with it you could be charged with theft, unless you report to the police that you have found it.

        For some reason getting the phone after 3 months doesn't sound right.

      I'm guessing it's password locked so he cannot access the phone book? Does it still connect to the network or has the service been disconnected?

      You could always call the telco, good chance it's on contract and even if there has been an insurance claim, the phone is technically now the property of the telco. If not they should be able to get it back to the owner based on the SIM.

        I dont know anything about the phone, all i know is that its a Galaxy S III, it was kept charged up and kept in the nightclub managers office for a month to see if anyone called, texted or actually came into the night club asking but to my knowledge no one has claimed it.

        I was interested when he told me about it a few days ago but i think it's a bit too risky to keep it although no one has claimed it.

          I'd keep it. It's been a month and they haven't even come back to claim it so could be regarded as abandoned. It's impossible to track down it's owner legally. It's not worth police resources to track down the owner, and they'll never do it. The most they'll do is hold onto it in the chance that someone reports it as missing. Technically you're just doing the same thing.

    What's the oldest computer that you regularly use for daily tasks? I just got a new battery for my 2008 MacBook, whilst I think my parents are still creaking along with a Windows Vista notebook from Dell. I'm sure there are others doing more impressive things with vintage tech...

      Lol 2008 isn't vintage, not even close

        True... unfortunately the Apple //e in the cupboard has a dead power supply :)

        It is if you are 12 and your name is rocket :-)

      2007 Core 2 MacBook Pro. Put a bigger 7200 rpm drive in it (still not sure why so called premium products didn't have these), maxed the ram, and had to replace a noisy fan. It's still kicking along pretty well for most things.

    FYI for all involved... Lumia 920 is up for invite-only preorder from Telstra - If you registered, check your inbox.

    I wanted to get a phone outright, but impulsive nature kicks in..... Red one coming in the mail whenever they ship - 27th or something.

    Edit: Also, you get a free JBL speaker 'while stocks last' etc.

    Last edited 13/11/12 3:26 pm

      It's not invite only, I pre ordered from their site as soon as it went live, and didn't get the invite email for a good 30 minutes afterwards.

      Ordered a Red and White Lumia, confirmed also the free speakers are one per handset, not one per customer, so should be getting two of them :)

      All the JBL speakers are black also, which is fine by me.

      Who else has pre-ordered? They've sold out twice now, apparently it's live right now with only yellow and white available.

        Ahh well, I was told 'check your email for an invite!' and scrambled, preordered, then posted this.

        I saw somewhere posted about the speaker being your phone colour, which can't be right, they don't make them in red, so the black makes sense.

    For some reason Giz has changed to tablet or phone mode this morning on my PC. Plus the edit function is not working in comments. Just thought I'd let ya know...

    The new mobile site is really annoying ,it doesn't resize properly on my phone and is very very slow when commenting. Is anyone else having this problem?

    The problem here is that your process is not transparent. It's much better to do the three month thing with the cops than risk getting accused of stealing the handset yourself at some stage. It's as much about being seen to do the right thing as doing the right thing...

    Anyone know places in Melbourne where I can hands on the Lumia 920 or the Nexus 4?

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