What Is The Most Expensive Gadget You Own?

Gadgets are expensive. It's inescapable. You're going to have to plunk down some cash for a really killer piece of kit. Sometimes it's not worth it. But other times you wind up with essentially a digital life parter — a gadget you're in physical contact with more often than you are with your loved ones, probably.

So what's your most expensive gadget — computer, camera....phone? And was it massively worth the investment, or just a tragic miscalculation?

(No, vehicles don't count, but other items could. Like, say, Joe's life-changing desk.)

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    Pinball machine. Probably not worth it, but totally worth it.

      in no situation could buying a pinball machine be a bad decision

    PC. I can't believe how cheap they are these days but $1300 still makes it my most expensive gadget by a reasonable margin, at least until I start to kit out my boat for ocean cruising.

    Sony a77 camera.
    Until I buy an Ultrabook.

    Omega watch

    Laptop; $1200. It was even discounted by $700!

    == A convertible windows tablet before the ipad existed. So expensive... $2800... Then again, normal laptops were $1000+ in the same period.

    gaming rig....built by myself $2500 approx...worth every cent until its obsolete in 4 months time lol

      Haha same here. Mine cost a little more, but regardless you'd have to agree, it's oh so worth it.

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    Large Wacom Cintiq digitiser tablet. Worth 3k+, essential bit of kit for a digital artistt, also decent resale value because they last.
    One of my PCs was almost 5K all up... but that was a few years ago, probably worth zero now.

    My battle station cost over 2 grand (and like the other posters pointed out, will probably be outdated in half a year).

    I have to say that my oboe trumps all the rest of my gadgets, including electronic ones on price at $4k. And the great thing is, they don't go obsolete. However, I am a student, so I haven't had to actually buy any of these things with my own money.

      Oh hey you're right. I totally forgot about my piano, that easily trumps the pinnie. Guess I forgot about it because I didn't have to pay for it either >.>

      It's an electric one so it still counts as a gadget :P

    My CNC router which cost me $7600 but worth every cent cause I can make what I want

    Gaming Rig (PC), over the past 3 years has cost over $15,000 (Graphics cards aren't cheap).

    Business purchase, a 27" iMac ~$3,500.
    Personal purchase, gaming PC ~$3,900 (includes recent parts)

    Silly Apple, not as powerful as the gaming PC.

      Actually, you might not have heard of the Mac Pro. That would have been the perfect gaming rig that you might need. The iMac 27" is just a monitor with some processing power.

        Except you can't actually run any useful games on a Mac.


        Nop. Mac Pro is amazingly average. Check out the actual hardware used, most of it is years old, and not powerful enough for high end gaming. For example the graphics cards are Radeon 5000 series (late 2009), where as the current Radeon's are at 7000 series (early 2012) soon to be replaced by 8000 series. I would love a Mac Pro, but not for gaming.
        The closest Mac Pro to my gaming PC costs about 50% more for about 50% less performance (comparable parts not available).
        Not to mention the fact that there's still a lack of availability in high end games for Mac.
        And the iMac's are even worse, as they use laptop parts, to fit in that tiny casing.

    Either my D800 - $3499 or Macbook Pro ($3000ish)

    Honda CB 900 Hornet. ( I don't care who says it counts or not, it's MY most expensive gadget)
    With electronic everything on board it qualifies as a gadget as far as I'm concerned
    I can reprogram the fuel injection routines via a USB cable from my laptop too.
    About $12,000.

    Otherwise, it would be my TV. $2500 when it was new.

    my pre-intel iMac. Can't do much with it now. Sigh.

    My wife. Price - too scared to work it out. She's currently in for some repair work, getting a metal plate screwed to her ankle to keep it together. Add that to the metal in her knee and I'm sure she counts as a gadget, though she has the advantage of being sentient (most of the time).

    Piece of crap PowerBook G4. $7000.

    Absolute waste of money that one.

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