What Happens When You Put Diesel Fuel In Your Petrol-Powered Supercar?

So you just put the wrong type of fuel into your car. Your $170,000 Nissan GT-R, no less. Oh dear. It specifically says in the logbook not to put diesel fuel in there, doesn't it? What happens next?

This exact scenario came to light this week when a Hurricane Sandy-affected GT-R-owner accidentally grabbed the wrong can of fuel to throw into his supercar. Damn.

According to the mechanic that fixed it, the damage was minimal. In fact, not much of anything happened.

We're assuming that the car was dragged into the shop on a tow-truck, rather than driven in, though. The wrong type of fuel won't hurt your tank per sé, but it's another thing entirely to start putting it through your engine.

Next time, let's all be a little more careful, whaddaya say? [Jalopnik]

Image: Ofar Deshe

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