What Happens When You Put Diesel Fuel In Your Petrol-Powered Supercar?

So you just put the wrong type of fuel into your car. Your $170,000 Nissan GT-R, no less. Oh dear. It specifically says in the logbook not to put diesel fuel in there, doesn't it? What happens next?

This exact scenario came to light this week when a Hurricane Sandy-affected GT-R-owner accidentally grabbed the wrong can of fuel to throw into his supercar. Damn.

According to the mechanic that fixed it, the damage was minimal. In fact, not much of anything happened.

We're assuming that the car was dragged into the shop on a tow-truck, rather than driven in, though. The wrong type of fuel won't hurt your tank per sé, but it's another thing entirely to start putting it through your engine.

Next time, let's all be a little more careful, whaddaya say? [Jalopnik]

Image: Ofar Deshe



    Talk about a storm in a tea cup Luke!... Why did you bother
    It's not like this never happens.

      Because it's Luke and he isn't too bright sometimes.

        Sorry, sometimes? Should have done some Google research before he even posted this article. Seems to be the source of all his other material people are constantly correcting him on.

    one day.. when i have enough money I'll buy one of these.

      ... a tea cup?

      ... a can of diesel fuel?

    I swear there was one of these parked next to me when I left work yesterday. Very pretty. If I knew it was worth that much I would have got in that instead of mine.

    Disclaimer: I am not a car person, so it may have been a different car. I am pretty sure it had GT-R on it though.

    Nissan GT-R story, brought to you by Hyundai...


    I have no sympathy for someone who can afford that much on a car... None at all, infact... Do it again... I often worry that sometimes in the morning I'd be too tired and accidentally use diesel, this is why I use the same servo all the time.

      Are you for real? The diesel nozzle is made bigger so that it can't fit into your car's fill point. You'd have to be more than just sleepy.

        Yes, I do worry about putting the wrong fuel in by accident - It happens. I didn't know about the nozzle size differences because I've never made that mistake before or needed diesel before...

        Only Hi-Flow diesels bowsers have a larger nozzle, you know... For the high flow, to fill massive petrol tanks. With the large amount of small diesel cars/vans around now though, a great deal of petrol stations now provide two diesel bowsers. A hi-flow one and a normal one. At least, 7/11 does this.

          why would you want to put a large amount of diesel in a massive petrol tank??

        Half correct. The nozzles are the same unless it's a high flow diesel pump which is for trucks. I know this as I was cursing at a servo once and getting really pissed off when I couldn't get it in. I will also add "That's what she said"

        And just saw @GeriaticPancakes post now.

        Last edited 23/11/12 12:13 pm

    So he put the wrong fuel in the tank, and a mechanic pumped it out. Why is this a story?

      This looks like a story that should of been told in 140 characters, with a hashtage #imanidiot and probably was.

      exactly... a story about nothing.
      Here's your next story: what happens when you drive around on flat tyres in a ferrari? well luckily nothing because the owner luckily pumped them up first. So all you people out there pump up your tires before driving.
      Post that with a picture of a ferrari.
      Job done.

    And... This is a story how?? In fact, there isn't even a story here. Lame.

    sooo... nothing happened then...glad everything went well for the guy. #lamestory

    I was staring at the photo looking for a big black chunk of metal where the engine had blown off, but I couldn't see one.

    I also wonder why this is a story, but it IS a good reminder to read the label, especially if you're in a hurry.

    Diesel in a petrol car - the engine will run rough (if it runs without stalling), you'll blow some black smoke and you may need to replace your catalytic converter, but that's about it.
    But put petrol in a diesel car - BOOM!!

      I know someone who did this in their new Volvo. Well over 10 grand to fix.

      Very big oops. A few days later accidentally put diesel in the tank of his bike.

    Diesel in petrol car = idiot...
    Petrol in a diesel car and turn the key = new engine...

    i've been this stupid before.
    only difference was, i worked at a servo... where the diesel nozzle was slightly bigger than the others...ie - slightly too big to fit in the diesel hole..
    i actually thought this was a simple, and pretty standard solution... apparently not standard enough :S

      The problem is he didn't fill up at a servo, he filled up from a jerry can.

    If there's a lesson to be learned, it's that if you put the wrong fuel in your car, do not under ANY circumstances, turn it on.

    gonna try this to my dad's car n see his response... :)

    Like I know we can have 'inappropriate' comments removed by editors, can we as readers remove 'inappropriate' articles...?

      What article did you write this morning? :)

    Not much happened?

    Not surprising. Diesel needs higher temperatures and pressure to ignite. A petrol car probably won't even burn it. I guess the real trouble is getting all the diesel out of wherever it got into...

    What is the point of this article. You are stating that its alright to pour Diesel instead of Petrol in a car, but at the same time warn that it would damage your engine. Wow revelation....

    Anticlimax much?

    Hey Luke I'm still waiting for you to sell me that Nexus 4!

    Ha Ha. Got the most comments too!

    Luke, this isn't the facebook wall you're looking for.

    Years ago my friend filled up his old Dastsun with diesel, and was to poor to do anything about it so just drove till it ran out.It occasionally stalled, a bit of smoke and sounded like it didn't have a muffler but ran fine otherwise.

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