What An iPad And Microsoft Surface Parody Commercial Looks Like

Cheery piano music and then *drop* DUBSTEP BOW WAH KEKEKEKE CHIGGCHIGGCHIGG BADOOM chop your stupid hand off music. It's kind of hilarious to see the two tablets (and its ad strategy) next to each other, no? Kind of like seeing a Mitt Romney and Barack Obama dual commercial or something.

The ad parody was made by Steven Hudson. [YouTube]


    Parody? Looks more like an official MS viral marketing effort, wouldn't you say...?

    Interestingly, the guy who made it is the co-founder of Cinesaurus, a corporate video company based in... Seattle.


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      It could be somewhere in between. But I agree it's not a parody.

      cinesaurus were the video company that made that ipad mini, imac touch "parody" video that giz posted the other day (that is the apple part of this video). i doubt they are biased towards microsoft, these sort of videos it's just what they do.

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        I'll be watching their client list to see if Microsoft pops up there in a month or two ;-)

    Source link brings you here.. At least on mobile site it does

    Heh, Epic!

    Are the Mini and Surface really competing products though?

      I think it's targeting the full-size iPad more than anything. While they've taken this from a Mini ad, they've removed the Mini from it and only kept the 9.7

      You are both correct. I had just woken up and wasn't paying attention. Up-votes for all.

    I held one the other day. Pretty thick & very cheap & plasticy. Was disappointed.

      What are you talking about, the Surface or the iPad? Cause I held (and used) a Surface the other day at the stall they had set up at the Westfield Shopping Centre at Garden City, and it felt rather light, thin (thinner than I expected), and very well built. The iPad's build quality is really good too, except it seems a bit more fragile. Oh, and the Surface's touch cover was pretty good. Not perfect, but better than I expected and pretty usable.

      Yeeeeaaah, I'm going to call you out and call you a liar. "Pretty think.." Surface: 9.4mm iPad: 9.4mm. Also it is made out of a magnesium like product which from when I did my training on them feels solid. Sorry I'll retract my previous statement and amend it; you're either lying or a too biased towards the ipad to give a fair objective assessment of either product.

        Hahaha dream on fool. Yes I agree the iPad is too fragile. I guess the lack of tapered edges just made it seem thicker. The kickstand felt like it would snap any second. Too many build seams on the edge of the plastic casing - looks/feels like DELL made it or something. I just expected a better quality FEEL about it when Microsoft raved on about how amazing it was and all that. If you put it in your hands and twist it, you get that plastic 'give' along with squeaky noises of plastic twisting. On the plus side Windows 8 is fun to use (once you work out which edges to swipe on).

    I bought Windows Phone 7, and after 6 months decided the Metro tiled interface was not heading in the right direction for my needs and expectations. Windows 8 looks like it has acquired many if the same UI problems. Linux / Mac is becoming appealing (last time I used either of them in earnest was 25 years ago). Fail MS.

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