Wearing Knockoff Google Glasses Is More Embarrassing Than Wearing Real Google Glasses

Vuzix, which specialises in technofancy optics, is so eager to ride the coattails of Google Glasses that they're releasing their own version: the Vuzix Smart Glasses M100. The M100 smart glasses run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 720p camera along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and head-tracking sensors. Which means, it's kinda like Google Glasses except that every time anyone asks you if you're wearing Google Glasses you'll have to tell them no and they'll think you're an idiot for wearing knockoff Google Glasses.

On the plus side and in a theoretical world where people don't care to look completely stupid, the M100 supposedly works with iPhones and Android phones through augmented reality apps. Specifically:

Vuzix Smart Glasses not only let you answer the phone with a visual address book, they enable applications from reading text messages and email to visual navigation along with more advanced features like basic augmented reality applications. Vuzix Smart Glasses, M100 include an integrated head tracker and GPS for spacial and positional awareness and an integrated camera enables video recording and still image capture.

The display's resolution is WQVGA and replicates looking at a 4-inch smartphone from 14-inches away. Supposedly, the Vuzix M100 will come out early next year. Pricing details are vague but SlashGear says a developer kit of the glasses run for $US1000 and will be available this December.

The onslaught of knockoff Google Glasses is going to be expensive. [Vuzix via SlashGear]

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