Watch This: Why Dredd 3D Looks So Amazing

No matter what you thought of balls-to-the-wall action romp Dredd 3D, you can't deny it looked amazing. Slo-Mo -- the movie's super-drug -- meant that the world had to look like it was moving at one-percent its normal speed. That means creating some intense images to reflect what the characters are feeling. Here's how the special effects artists did it.

Warning: mild spoilers

Motion artist Jon Thum sits down in this video to talk about what was real in the highly-stylised world of Dredd, and what was fake. Turns out, quite a lot of it was real. Like when that guy gets shot in the mouth? The blood he spits is the result of a squib going off in his mouth. Intense...

Check out the video for more awesome behind the scenes extras.

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    He sounds so disappointed when he explains CG had to be used for blowing someone's jaw off because they couldn't do that in real life

    Best movie of 2012 for me after Dark Knight Rises.

    Glad to see I wasn't the only one thatthought the movie was great. My only gripe was as is typical of so many US movies it was way too short at 93 minutes. 2 hours would have been great.

    Excellent movie. Still hoping one day they will make a accurate representation of Dredd from 2000AD but there is still plenty of time :D

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