Watch This Spectacular Water Spout Lash The Australian Coastline

Water spouts off the coast of Australia are not new. But this one is particularly striking and huge. It was filmed this Sunday at Batemans Bay, in New South Wales.

Water spouts happen when a funnel cloud touches the sea surface and they don't last long, usually dissolving in the same way they started. Whatever. I would have been running the hell out of there the moment it started. [Gracias Oscar!]


    Water spout one day perfect the next... did you see the South Coast of NSW took out the Best Beaches award?

    It was awesome to see, it died as soon as it hit the shore, hope we get another one soon.

    Just a note - Tornados and water spouts are actually different phenomena. Water spouts suck air from the sea into the sky. Tornadoes drive air down from the clouds. Only found this one out the other day myself.

    Yes but does it spin clockwise or anti-clockwise?

    Hunny, there's a giant, 350 km/h, phallic, cyclonic waterspout coming directly for us, better call Ghostbusters.

    A friend of ours got her car and face remodeled by this thing.

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