Watch This Guy Build Bilbo Baggins' House Out Of 2600 Balloons

It's amazing what you can do with latex in 40 hours. Building Bag End from Lord of the Rings using nothing but balloons is one such activity, if you have the means and the will. If you have neither (not unsurprising), you need look no further than balloon artist Jeremy Telford for inspiration, a man who constructed his own rubbery, inflated hobbit den over the course of three days.

According to a Wired post on Telford's exploits, he worked between 10-15 hours a day over those three days to finish his cosy balloon house. Watching the video, there was a short period where I thought Telford was blowing up the balloons on lung power alone. I couldn't understand why we weren't watching one minute of balloon construction, followed by four minutes of an unconscious dude lying on the floor, until I noticed the blue hand pump.

Mystery solved.

Also... is he trying to dress the part? I can't be entirely sure, but there's something about a green vest over a green shirt and those beige shorts that screams "hobbit" to me.

[YouTube, via Wired]

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