Watch 7-Minutes Of The Hobbit Right Now

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey isn't out for another three-odd weeks. Who cares? You can watch seven minutes of film footage right now. Get in here.

While it's not officially sanctioned footage of The Hobbit, it's a recut version of all of the trailer and TV spot footage from around the world, compiled into a seven minute supercut.

Who cares what it is, you're still watching seven minutes of uniterrupted Hobbit footage. Get into it! [Bleeding Cool via Blastr]


    *of film footage - unless it smells, in which case, carry on!

    Last edited 21/11/12 5:56 pm

    Battle of the five armies should be a good watch :)

      pity we wont see that for another year and a half!!!
      but yeah, it should be amazing

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