Twins Charged After Allegedly Murdering For Magic: The Gathering Cards

Anyone who has ever played it will tell you that Magic: The Gathering is an intense and competitive game, but this story really is tragic. A Florida man by the name of Sean Dugas has been found dead after allegedly being slain by twins who wanted nothing more from him than his priceless collection of rare Magic: The Gathering cards. Here's how it all reportedly went down.

The community of Pensacola in Florida was rocked by the death of Dugas in August, and now police have laid charges. Police will allege that twins William and Christopher Cormier killed Dugas in his home in August before burying him in a plastic container in a backyard.

Dugas was allegedly killed so that the pair could get their hands on his collection of rare and powerful Magic: The Gathering cards. It was a collection that was reportedly worth at least $25,000, and one that Dugas had spent years trading, buying, building and battling for.

Dugas was part of a close-knit Magic-playing community that is still reeling from his brutal murder.

Thou shalt not covet thy opponent's Magic deck. [WTSP via Blastr]

Image: Andrés Aguiluz Rios

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