Touring London Has Never Looked Better Than With This UAV Drone

If you've ever been to London and done the whole "tourist" thing, you know what Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, the Thames and the London Eye look like, right? Wrong. A team of drone enthusiasts have gone and made a London tour video like you've never seen before, by flying a quadcopter-style drone up close to some of the highest heights the city has to offer. This beauty is a must-watch.

You get to see the clock face of Big Ben up close, the top of the London Eye from the outside, the sheer detail on the Houses of Parliament and a few interesting characters around the city in Team BlackSheep's latest city tour.

The video ends with an interesting altercation with Metropolitan Police who seem rather vexed by the drone. No word yet on whether or not the team got their contraption back. We have to assume they did, along with a rap on the knuckles from the bobbys.

Make sure to check out the other videos from Team BlackSheep, including the awesome Golden Gate Bridge one. [Team BlackSheep]

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