Torch Bazooka Blasts Your Target With Blinding Light

Realising that lots of people pretend they're holding a deadly weapon when wielding a torch, the makers of the Dogstar designed it to look like a handheld cannon straight out of a sci-fi epic. The beam is even turned on using a trigger instead of a button, so you can pretend those harmless photons it emits are a deadly spray of ammunition.

There's no word on availability just yet, as the model demonstrated at the 2012 RISCON Safety & Security Trade Show in Tokyo was just a prototype. But the company behind it plans to put the 68,000 lumen, nine pound behemoth into production for under a million yen, which means at most it would set you back around $US12,600. It looks cool, it runs at full blast for 80 minutes on a single charge, but is it really worth the price of a new car?

[InventorSpot via Gigazine]

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