Tom Cruise Looks Bloody Ridiculous In This Mechanical Battle Armour

I'm sure it's meant to look exciting, thrilling even. Tom Cruise bolting hell for leather from an encroaching explosion, a mechanical suit strapped to his arms, legs and torso, providing support in all the important places. Unfortunately, due to a combination of his odd gait and crazy facial expression, it just looks a bit... meh.

Click the image above for a non-cropped, larger version.

The movie the still is from, however, sounds like it could be all kinds of excellent. It's an adaptation of "All You Need Is Kill", a novel by Japanese author Hiroshi Sakurazaka. It's due out in early 2014 and along with Cruise, will star Emily Blunt and Australia's own (and appropriately named) Kick Gurry.

According to a story on the Anime News Network, the novel is about a "battle-armoured soldier who finds himself dying and reincarnating over and over again", which pretty much describes ever first person shooter in existence.

[Anime News Network]

Image: Sanspo

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    Kind of unfair to take one still from an action sequence and mock it. For all we know a split second later he looks like a total badarse. Then again if this is promo material that the studio released, it's their bad

    People like to kick Cruise because of his association with Scientology and well... of screen he is kind of a douche, but there are very few of his movies that I didn't enjoy. Say what you like, I think he is a good actor!

      I disagree. He's just an ok actor. In some roles like A Few Good Men or Magnolia he's unconvincing, like a child playing a grown-up.
      In more over the top stuff like Tropic Thunder though he does pretty well.

        I liked the last samurai. But you are right, I don't agree that he is even decent in some other movies.

      I agree Bonkers. Cruise can act well (that's not to say he always does). I like in him in action roles like Minority Report and Mission Impossible. IRL however, he is completely bonkers.

        I agree. Some of his mvoies have been wonderful like Minority report MI 3, Last Samurai and Collateral. Others have been average and others ordinary.

        I can't stand him in real life but I usually enjoy his movies and he does some great Sci Fi, action stuff which is always welcome.

      no where in this story does Giz knock cruise for his scientology connection... they story was about him looking daffy in the photo....

    Title should have read

    Tom Cruise Looks Bloody Ridiculous.

    In This Mechanical Battle Armour

    See what I did their.

    He was actually on cracked's list of Celebrities That Don't Deserve Your Hate (I think that's what it was?) part 2 today.
    I like him in older movies but tbh I think he just acts like Tom Cruise in everything these days..

    Interview with a vampire was his best role imo.

    He will do anything to look taller ;)

    ha ha - he looks kinda tubby.

    Simple fix. Add a jetpack. And a facemask.

    Looks better in that than he does as Jack Reacher.

    I think you're being overly harsh. Clearly, you're just Cruise bashing. I think the suit is realistic. Im mean seriously, we're not going to go from no exo-suits straight to a Halo type exo-suit in one go. There'll be little steps and improved designs in between ads the suit gets smaller/stream-lined and more practical over each improved model.

    Also, I think if you'r about to die in an explosion, you're certainly going to have a fear/dork look on your face... thinking about the new underwear you're going to need afterwards.

    I won't watch any movie with him in it, I just can't see the depicted character past the idiot on screen.

    Oh look. He's still running. It's just that now he appears to need assistance.

    it's the helmet that does it get rid of that and he'd look more akin to snake from MGS

    Dosen't seem odd at all... I imagine most stills of an action sequence would look the same

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