This Vintage Style Camera Is Made From Legos, Cardboard, And Duct Tape

Dominique Vankan wanted to try out some old-school photography, we're talking really old-school, a early 1900s process called Autochrome Lumière. Appartnely he decided not to find an old camera to do it, and instead build one out of modern wonders including cardboard, Legos, and duct tape.

The camera isn't just for show, of course. It actually works, and takes some pretty neat looking pictures to boot. They aren't the highest quality, but that isn't the point. We're talking a makeshift camera working with a process that's a century old, and considering that, the outcome is righteous.

Who needs Instagram filters, right? [Flickr via MAKE via Neatorama]


    AARRGGGGHHH!!!!! The plural of 'Lego' IS 'Lego'!!!
    Like sheep or fish!!

      Hahahha, only came in here to say more or less the same thing.

      Silly Americans.

      Thank you. It annoys me so much. It abox of Lego or a box of Lego blocks. But it is pretty cool

      Yes, I hate it too. I was going to vote you up, but the voting buttons do not seam to work.

        Oh, you too? Had the same problem, glad to know it's not just me.

          +1 Voting seems to happen, but won't work for me on Chrome.

      lol I too came on to comment about the exact same thing. It makes you sound like a simpleton non-geek when you say "Legos" and for a tech blog site, that's not a good look...

    It's Lego, the actual company has confirmed this. It's like saying mechanoes. It's an irregular plural, not hard.

    From the way the title read, I thought the camera was made of pasta sauce.

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