This USB GarageBand Guitar Puts A Little Apple In Your Fender

It may not be the first USB guitar, but this USB version of the Squire Stratocaster is the first one you're going to find available from the Apple Store. A joint effort between Fender and Apple, this guitar can get you you shredding in GarageBand.

A fairly normal Stratocaster except for the inclusion of a headphone jack and Type B Mini-USB port in addition to the good old 1/4 inch jack, this guitar will be sold exclusively through Apple Store for $US200. At a price like that, it's pretty clear this isn't exactly a high-end instrument. But if you (or your kid) wants to noodle around in Garageband, it's a solid deal.

It'll come with an old-fashioned 30-pin connector instead of a Lightning cable. So if you want to use it with a newer iDevice, you'll have to get a cable to go with it, which could be a little extra expense. But all in all, it seems like a great way to get started learning the instrument. [Fender via 9to5Mac via The Verge]


    Ummm... Why not just buy an Amplitude iRig connector($49.95 from the Apple store) and save having to buy a Fender Strat?

      iRig is analogue, and uses the iPad to convert to digital. Apparently much better results can be had from a separate converter. I think Line 6 sells something along those lines, using the 30 pin connector instead of the headphone+mic jack, but it's far more expensive than $50.

        This is true.

        My point was more that this was aimed at the bedroom guitarist rather than the music pro so therefore buying an iRig would be more than enough to satisfy those needs.

        I highly, HIGHLY doubt the converters in this guitar are any better than what an iRig can do.

    Fender. Seriously, why?

      Why not? "Guys we can make more money and bring the fun of playing guitar to more people, but we DO risk tarnishing our brand with 'g-man' on the gizmodo australia forums' 'hmm not worth the risk..'

    It's Squier (not ''Squire'') and it's not ''a normal Stratocaster'', it's a cheap knockoff of a genuine Stratocaster.

    Please stop perpetuating this myth. Too many guitarists will never know the joy of a genuine Stratocaster because they thought a crappy Squier lookalike was the same thing.

      Aye! Don't knock the Squier!

      I play a Squier Jagmaster that would burn a hole through your soul!

      @virt, a Squier isn't a 'knockoff' in the truest sense as it's made by Fender. However, yes, it is a budget brand and Squier guitars don't contain the best components.

      However, for a beginner or someone who doesn't have ~$600-$1,000 to drop on a normal strat, they're an okay option.

      Personally, I'd recommend a budget Ibanez over a Squier.

        I'm sorry, but no. They are licensed by Fender and share nothing but the shape. Squier actually started out as string company for the P bass before being bought out by Fender to make legal budget copies and discourage other copies.

          I'm sorry but yes. They are *owned* by Fender. They purchased Squier in the 60's.

            I said that. Being owned by a company doesn't mean they are MADE by them, though. They are NOT made in any Fender factory, the same way the Epiphone's are not made by Gibson, the same way the Midas is not made by Behringer and the same way that people who put Chevy badges on their Commodores are idiots.

              A good percentage of Fender's guitars aren't made in the 'Fender' factory. They're made in china. Does that make them knockoffs?

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