This Time Lapse Shows The Nikon D600 Has A Dusty Sensor Problem

There have been rumours knocking around that suggest Nikon's great D600 DSLR suffers from excessive sensor dust. This time-lapse goes a long way in proving them true.

Toronto-based artist Kyle Clements wanted to test the problem for himself. He explains:

I thought I would put this claim to the test by purchasing a brand new D600, putting on a 50mm 1.8D lens, and shooting some test shots, before using the camera for anything else.

And, from that I've seen, dust on the D600 is indeed a serious issue. Right out of the box, after taking the very first picture, I could see several dust spots, but as my time-lapse series progressed, I could see more and more spots appearing on the sensor. Keep in mind that I am not changing lenses; all this dust is coming from inside the camera.

Now, that sounds like some problem. There's no official word from Nikon about the issue yet — it'll be interesting to see how it handles it. [Kyle Clements via Peta Pixel]



    Looks like it's a bit more harder to work around than a light leak issue.

      Heh heh heh, time for Canon Users to rip on Nikon Users now for all the crap they gave for the 5DMKIII light leak issue. (I'm a Canon guy)

      I honestly think it may be the fluffy felt stuff they use to line the insides of the camera, every time the mirror springs up and down, it is probably dislodging particles.

        I'm a Canon shooter too but that just plain bites hard from a camera at this level.....
        Makes you wonder what went on in R&D for this to get through.....

    And I just purchased one yesterday... hope they come up with a fix

    Do the D600's have sensor cleaning? I have a canon 650D and it cleans the sensor automatically on every shutdown and I always wondered if they actually do anything?

      if you dont see dust, then it is "working" . it just vibrate the sensor everytime you turn it off to shake off the dust

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