This Stackable Angled Shelf Just Made Bookends Obsolete

It's a sad day for the once thriving bookend industry. Already reeling from the fact that consumers are buying less and less printed books every year, suddenly this brilliant angled shelf comes along and does away with the need for bookends altogether.

The Lean bookshelf's symmetrical design angles downwards on both sides so it's virtually impossible for printed material to ever topple over. Even the flimsiest of magazines will remain standing without having to butt-up against some hideous weighted sculpture. And, multiple units can easily be stacked to expand the capacity of the shelf. Unfortunately pricing details are a little vague at the moment given the Lean was created by a South Korean design studio, but building your own shouldn't require more than basic high school shop skills.

[Monocomplex via Design Milk]


    Paint it green, hang some baubles, string up some lights and tinsel and whack a star or an angel on top and you have a christmas tree. Just in time for the festive season.

    You're welcome.

    " consumers are buying less and less printed books every year"

    FEWER books

    Left side = book shelf
    Right side = Xbox 360 game shelf


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