This Slingshot Spy-Pistol Is Fit For A 00 Agent

James Bond has quite the arsenal of high-tech gadgets, plenty of which would be awesome if they were real. And though slingshot master Joerg Sprave may not make the highest tech weapons, I'm sure Bond could find a way to make use of this silent but deadly slingshot spy-pistol.

The slingshot-pistol itself isn't the part with the potential so much as all the different kinds of ammo it could fire. Working as anything from a distraction to a tranquilizer gun, it could definitely have its uses, even if none them involve going in hot with guns blazing.

Chances are you'll never see James Bond with anything quite like this unless the series gets a steampunk reboot (oh please god no no no) but it's still pretty sweet nonetheless. [YouTube]

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