This Skateboard/Motorcycle Hybrid Is A Skinned-Knee Factory

The Urban Shredder — possibly the unholy offspring of a motorcycle and skateboard — looks like a cycle shop custom creation designed for only the most extreme/insane riders. But it's actually a ridable Hot Wheels toy, and could be one of the most popular/most expensive/most dangerous toys this Christmas.

Powered by a 250W electric motor running on a pair of 12-volt DC batteries, the Urban Shredder can hit a top speed of 16km/h and can run for up to an hour on a single charge. The young rider pilots the vehicle in a low-to-the-ground kneeling position, so adequate protection is a must. But at $US500 when it's available in early December, how many parents are going to spend even more money on helmets and pads? So while the Urban Shredder is charging on Christmas morning, your kid can pass the time in the waiting room of your local emergency clinic.

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