This Shower Head Will Do Your Shower-Singing For You

Being able to listen to music in the shower is great, and it's no surprise there's a whole punch of products that cater to that specific silly-but-awesome luxury. Kohler is taking things a step further by straight-up building a speaker into a shower head.

The bluetooth speaker isn't pernemantly attached to the shower head, but is held in place there with magnets and can last seven hours before you have to take it off for a charge. Putting a speaker right there, surrounded by water seems kind of dumb at first glance but if you go take a look at your shower head (or at least my shower head) that sweet spot stays pretty dry. On top of that, it doesn't take up extra space or look stupid in your shower.

This musical bathing luxury comes at a price, however. And in this case it's $US200. So while a singing shower head seems like a cool idea, I think I'll just stick to speakers on the sink, or you know, singing. [Engadget]

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