This Robotic Water Snake Is Both Graceful And Utterly Terrifying

Do snakes freak you out? How about the idea of being hunted down and killed by robots either of their own accord, or on orders from someone else? If you said yes to either of those questions, chances are you'll find this video a little freaky, but enthralling nonetheless.

The little guy featured in this clip is the HiBot ACM-R5, a robotic snake designed for underwater movement, and evidentially designed quite well. There's something graceful and almost majestic about the way it twists and turns through the water, and the video's soundtrack certainly helps play up that part.

By the same token though, there's something menacing about it. A robo-snake version of Jaws is way too easy to imagine. Either way, it's fascinating to watch...from all the way over here where it's safe. [IEEE Spectrum]


    This is about as old as the internet

      so about 60yrs? thats one old snake

        about as old as that comeback (and yes as old as my post)
        but in all seriousness i seen this on youtube about 2 years ago.
        in fact here it is

    pretty cool how it moves so naturally under water.
    i see potential for it to be used as a human spine for paraplegics... well the ideas there

      Lol because the human spine has the ability to move by itself? ...

        I'd pay good mony to get my wife to move like that ....

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