This Ridiculous Adult Dummy Gives Your Tongue A Creepy Workout

If you prefer your exercise routines to be incredibly brief and awkward, Japan once again delivers with a contraption designed to tighten cheeks and eliminate double chins. The Kuwaete Sukkiri actually works out just your tongue, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a machine at your gym that can tighten facial muscles with just a minute of commitment every day.

Made from silicone that smells and tastes like grapefruit (obviously the most delicious fruit you can find) the Kuwaete Sukkiri simply requires you to insert your tongue and lift it up and down, followed by some light clenching with your jaw. For $US51 it's a welcome alternative to other products that promise tighter skin, but look too ridiculous to ever actually deliver. [Japan Trend Shop via Dude I Want That]

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