This OS X Bug Is Deeply Annoying But Amazingly Pretty

A handful of OS X users on Reddit are reporting a weird bug that makes Launchpad simultaneously unusable and rather beautiful.

According to Cult of Mac, the problem is a result of OS X using an incorrect core filter built into the OS when it throws up Launchpad:

[S]omehow Launchpad is applying the crystallize effect when it should be using blur. It's a bit whacky and goes away after a bit, but it sure is spectacular.

It's weird, sure, but at least it looks kinda cool. Has this happened to you? [Reddit via Cult of Mac via Ubergizmo]



    It's not a bug, it's a feature!

      *patented feature. you're all getting sooooo suuuuuuueeeed.

        Apple should patent software bugs.

    Microsoft need to learn a thing or two here. Dress up your software bugs, beautifully! (no one will argue beachball of death is more pretty than BSOD)

      Microsoft are about efficiency, at least with BSOD you didn't get distracted watching the error, instead you quickly did something about it.

    Don't you guys know? That's intentional, and magical.

      And Revolutionary.

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