This Mouse-Keyboard Combo Is Smaller Than Your Smartphone

There's apparently been some breakthrough in miniaturisation, since compact wireless keyboards are coming out of the woodwork these days. The latest to tempt you away from your smartphone or tablet's on-screen layout is this little number, which manages to squeeze an optical touchpad and full QWERTY into a form factor that looks smaller than an iPhone.

But it's not only designed for use with mobile devices. The inclusion of that clickable touchpad means this Bluetooth keyboard can also be used with cursor-driven Windows and Macs. And volume and playback controls extend its usefulness even further, letting is also serve as a wireless multimedia remote for a home theatre PC. And at just $US38 it's a downright bargain if even a thumbpad seems to you like a better alternative to an on-screen keyboard.

[Donya via Damn Geeky]



    Be awesome for a HTPC controller. I've been using a Logitech DiNovo Mini for one for a while now.

    The touchpad wont work on a Iphone even if you jailbreak

    Would love to know where I could pick one up... other then what is linked already :(

    I can imagine that horrible plastic snappy sound the keys would make as I typed on this,
    give me a capacitive touch glass with dynamic remote buttons and onscreen keyboard when i need it, give it multitouch gestures if your gonna have leds to backlight keys, might as well use the power to light a lcd touchscreen, a little solenoid in the touch glass to give that happy haptic feedback some of us desire

    Want one for my ps3!

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