This Lego Tesseract Starship Is Worth Its Own TV Miniseries

Lego fans are always making truly amazing models, but lately I'm getting obsessed by sci-fi creations, like the greatest Lego mecha I've ever seen. Or this formidable starship, called the Tesseract. It reminds me a bit of the old 70s and 80s spaceship illustrations by Chris Foss.

While the Tesseract is not as bit as something like the Intrepid carrier — made at minifig scale — it's pretty big: 105cm. It seems larger because it's built at micro-scale, a Lego technique that turns truly gigantic things into small models while keeping it sense of size.

Made by Pierre E Fieschi, the Tesseract is "a giant space shipyard capable of building or repairing even battleships sized vessels. It features a giant deployable "drydock" that adapts to the type of ship that needs repairs / or that is planned for building on site."

It's also illuminated by three metres of Electroluminescent Wire, which really brings it to life. Some beautiful design, lots of little details and ingenious engineering went into this model. [Flickr]

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