This Is What Windows 8 Looks Like Running On A Coffee Table

Before the Surface was ever a tablet that we lusted after, it was the name of a device that looked like a table, worked like a table but had embedded on the top of it an enormous touchscreen. The Surface Table was rebranded as Microsoft PixelSense, and the rest is history. The original Surface Table used to run a bespoke version of Windows 7, but a Giz AU reader has gone and updated his to run Windows 8, and it looks pretty awesome.

This is Mick's table, and he's just updated it to Windows 8. I swear, the bigger the Metro (or whatever it's called these days) interface gets, the better it looks. Here's to more coffee table screens.

Personally, I think this would be amazing with Xbox SmartGlass. Rather than break the viewing experience with a tablet you have on your lap, just pair your coffee table with your Xbox 360 and get updates on the show you're watching that you can just look down to as you reach to grab your drink or a few more bits of that delicious popcorn. Now THAT'S a second-screen viewing experience.

There's a bunch of stuff that Mick demonstrates with the Windows 8-ified table, including a few Halfbrick games and the gorgeous looking Photos app for Metro.

Thanks Mick!



    Damn that would be nice, would love to break out a coffee table like that, shame it would cost a fair bit :P

      its relatively cheap
      Second-hand LCD + Core 2 Duo,
      New cheap vid card, win 8, wood frame toughened glass and multitouch frame

      All new part would have jacked the price up to like 2500 - 3000

    I'm hoping for more a draftsmans drawing board experience. great for drawing/ writing straight on the screen. easy to reach and see without too much leaning. and possibly rotatable so it can become a vertical viewing screen.

    That's perfect! Then you can leave crap on top of it and forget about it...

    Wouldn't long-term use be incredibly bad for your posture? no way I'd want to be slouched over a screen like that for any long period of time.

    One day, maybe 15 years from now, display panels will be so cheap that we'll be able to apply them to any flat surface, like wallpaper.

    The technology is now available to create thin and flexible displays, and also to manage the tiling of interconnected sheets. Now it's just a matter of reducing the production cost.

    I can't wait to have an entire room where I can configure every flat surface to show the movie, game, design or wallpaper that I want.

    Our children will look back on the days that we watched and played on tiny little framed rectangles, and feel sorry for us.

    Seems clumsy to me. Not a great demo, just saw maps, angry birds, fruit ninja and jetpack joyride. Show me web browsing and Office, without having to swipe 3 or 4 times to get to the menu.

      Hi Kendal,
      I agree not a great demo.
      Just posted a new vid of the responsiveness and accuracy(, does the touch farm more justice.
      I was a little worried about fruit ninja at first due to its speed but I started I run out of skills before the frame did. Ha
      I'd like to get office on it too to give it a try, but nothing beats a keyboard and mouse for that IMHO.

    This is NOT a former Surface device. Rather this is just a 40" LCD on a table with touch frame. Quoting the man behind it-

    "Basically its just a 40" lcd any size would do, old core 2 duo pc , wood frame´╗┐ and glass top. The key is the touch frame to make it all happen."

    The metro interface at that size reminds me a bit of So thanks for convincing me to stick with W7.

    I want that minority report on my coffee table by 5 or YOU'RE FIRED LUKE !

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