This Extreme Athlete Powered Rube Goldberg Machine Is Just Incredible

Yeah, it's absolutely an ad for Red Bull but so what. This extreme athlete-powered Rube Goldberg 'machine' is even better than the free running machine they pulled off a month ago. Watch the entire thing and you won't believe how they use world famous athletes like Lolo Jones and Ryan Scheckler to pull off one stunning act after another.

Created by Adam Sadowsky of Syyn Labs for Red Bull, the course took 100 workers over 17 days and 25 tons of material to build. Each level had weights, bowling balls, chainsaws and, of course, extreme sports. Watch it. [YouTube via Laughing Squid]


    "... world famous athletes like Lolo Jones and Ryan Scheckler".


      Just people that win gold things... nothing big

        Hey Harvz, give him a break. When we Aussies think gold things and hurdles, we think Sally Pearson :)

      lol, The Olympics have barely finished and you don't know Lolo Jones?
      What about Robbie or Rhys?
      Learn to heckle.

        I just googled her and apparently she finished 4th in the 100m hurdles final. Explain again why we're supposed to know who she is? No idea who you mean by Robbie or Rhys.

          Fair enough. If you asked me about coding or C+++ I'd be lost.
          I take back my comment sir. I was being a grumpy dave.


    That was awesome. Would love to see Mother do one to counter. Like the BMW, Merc, Audi ad wars.

    Im not sure if this was one take or very cleverly cut, some things seem that it would take a lot of effort to do over and over and over...

      Agreed, but willing to suspend my disbelief because it *could* be done in one take :P

    That. Was. EPIC! Red Bull, you just rocked my Thursday :)

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