This Electro-Powered Bulletin Board Holds Your Stuff Without Tacks Or Tape

Borrowing technology from plotter-type printers, this Justick bulletin board uses electrical energy flowing across its surface to create Coulomb Forces that attract lightweight objects. And they don't have to be metal. Everything from documents, to fabrics, to even DVDs will stick without the need for tape, thumbtacks or staples.

All you need is a set of four AA batteries, or a nearby available outlet where you can plug in an adaptor. There's no risk of electrical shock either, as long as you're not using it for brainstorming sessions in the bathtub. At $110 you're paying a bit more than a simple cork board costs, but just think of the money you'll save on lost tacks and bent staples. Also, why isn't every fridge door covered in this magical material? [Justick via 7Gadgets]

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