This Dubbed Delta Safety Video Is Hilarious

This deliciously absurd parody of Delta Airline's safety video starts a bit slow, but it skyrockets into laughing my underpants off altitude in a few seconds. Please, you watch.

To be honest, if the original announcement said something like "and ponies are not allowed unless they fight" I wouldn't flinch.

And now, I'm off to listen some Gloria Stefan.


    Nice FX!
    So that's the sort of work models get when they're a bit older and have to pay for their addiction to labial collagen injections...

    Oh, Stomach, pain, laughing too hard. Too funny

    Absolute gold! For the 57th time Cat Fish all mate in the water.

    Caught off guard with robin williams-esque voice of the blond girl

    Only bit I found funny was the short starwars bit.

    Sorry the Air New Zealand video is vastly superior and it's also legit.
    This is another by product of the Family Guy stupid ages.

    'Hilarious' seems to be a term very loosely thrown around the Gizmodo office...

      My first instict was to NOT click on the link but I did lest I miss out on the "hilarity" everyone else was enjoying. Todays lesson learned was "always trust your instincts".

    I must be tired. I did not laugh once. In fact I did not even smile.... Not even an imperceptible twitching of my Zygomaticus major.

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