This App Makes Your iPhone Recite Custom Shatner-esque Poetry

Surely you are well-acquainted with William Shatner's fantastic spoken-word work. If you aren't, you should be. If that's your jam the new "Shatoetry" app will let you create some of your own, using the Cap'n Kirk's iconic voice.

At it's core, the Shatoetry app is basically a soundboard, but it's a really intense soundboard. The app allows you to select from a wide, wide variety of words recorded in Shatner's voice, but it doesn't end there. Each word has three separate emphasis variants so you can find the right one. The really killer (and hilariously self-aware) feature is the ability to not only add works, but also pregnant pauses. Shatner-esque. Pregnant.


Currently only available on iOS, the app is $2.99, a bit steep for a glorified gimmick, but there is definitely some potential there. I mean, there's no one else who's voice could be nearly as desirable for this kind of thing. So pick it up if your interested, or maybe just go watch that video of Shatner covering 'Rocket Man' on repeat. [Wired]

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