This Newsreader's Touchscreen Inabilities Are Hilarious

Look at this dude talking about the Israel crisis while shuffling cards on a giant touchscreen. I don't speak French, but according to French-speaking Mario Aguilar, the newsreader says "I am a complete piece of s**t, I hate myself." Well, he doesn't really say that, but he's probably thinking it. [The Next Web]


    That seems to be due more to the crappy touchscreen software than to any lack of ability on the part of the newsreader.

    A horribly misleading headline. I'm disappointed, Giz.

      Should read "This Touchscreen's Newsreader Inabilities Are Hilarious"

    Everytime I see newsreader with touchscreens I cringe - They do it so poorly that it doesn't seem natural - turn away from the camera, look awkward, etc.

    Do it right, or stop pretending that you're tech-savvy.

    That wasn't hilarious... You must be easily amused....

    I fail to comprehend how a touch screen is at all useful for a newsreader and anything more than a gimmick.

    i actually found this quite amusing!

    Important tip: Hilarious means "mildly amusing" at best on Gizmodo.

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