This Aerodynamic Backpack Won't Slow Motorcyclists

With minimal trunk space motorcyclists have to either learn to travel light, or carry everything they need on their backs. But a backpack can be a drag — literally — so Ogio has designed a streamlined weather-resistant pack called the Mach 1 that can still house a 15-inch laptop.

The handful of reviews on Amazon don't confirm or deny that the backpack can indeed allow a motorcycle to reach 761.2 miles per hour, but it still looks pretty sleek. It's also got a spot to clip and hang your helmet when you're not on your bike, and the hip belt has an offset clasp so that it won't scratch up the paint job on your gas tank. That alone proves that at least one rider was involved with its design, and that the Mach 1 could indeed be worth your $80. [Ogio via Gear Culture]

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