These Sand Castles Will Never Wash Away

Remember all the hard work you put into sand castles as a little kid? Crouching, scooping and shaping. It was tough! And it was always for naught because the stupid ocean would eventually swallow your castles whole and wash it away. What if you could make sand castles live forever, though? Turns out you can.

Memorabilia Factory, by Bold-design, is a kit that includes a bacteria solution called Sporosarcina pasteurii and a calcifying agent that turns sand sculpture waterproof and rock hard. It's permanent, unlike all the fleeting sand castles you made as a kid. Basically, your sand castle is "reinforced by a microscopic lattice of calcium carbonate crystals", according to Co. Design.

Imagine hitting the beaches and bringing a sand castle back with you. Or imagine making a sand castle that'll still be there when you come back. Awesome... [Fast Co Design]

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