The World’s Strongest Beer Has 65% Alcohol Content

The World’s Strongest Beer Has 65% Alcohol Content

If you’re looking for something stronger than a beer… but still want a beer, let me introduce Armageddon by Brewmeister. It’s a beer that’s 65% ABV. You heard that right, it’s 130 proof beer. Sounds delicious!

Beer usually only has 5%-10% ABV so to sip on some brew that’s 65% is really, really ridiculous. Still, Brewmeister promises that Armageddon is delicious:

Despite being 65%, this beer has lots of flavour. It’s slightly sweet, hoppy, malty and retains much of the yeast present during fermentation.

Bottles are conditioned but we recommend people drink this in 35ml measures. So drink with friends to save it going flat.

The beer is made in Scotland but if you’re lucky, maybe you can find one around. Beer is good and strong beer is even better so I can’t even imagine the greatness of the world’s strongest beer. [Brewmeister via Laughing Squid]