The World's Strongest Beer Has 65% Alcohol Content

If you’re looking for something stronger than a beer… but still want a beer, let me introduce Armageddon by Brewmeister. It’s a beer that’s 65% ABV. You heard that right, it’s 130 proof beer. Sounds delicious!

Beer usually only has 5%-10% ABV so to sip on some brew that’s 65% is really, really ridiculous. Still, Brewmeister promises that Armageddon is delicious:

Despite being 65%, this beer has lots of flavour. It’s slightly sweet, hoppy, malty and retains much of the yeast present during fermentation.

Bottles are conditioned but we recommend people drink this in 35ml measures. So drink with friends to save it going flat.

The beer is made in Scotland but if you’re lucky, maybe you can find one around. Beer is good and strong beer is even better so I can’t even imagine the greatness of the world’s strongest beer. [Brewmeister via Laughing Squid]


    It's great to see another product being produced for the bogan market. You know you're tough when you buy booze with a high alcohol content.

      Right, because Toohey's New, VB & XXXX Gold are high in ABV...

      At AU$80 a 330ml bottle, I don't think this is going to be popular with the bogans. Awesome Christmas present though!

        You kidding? The CUBs from the moines would snap this up by the slab. Cheap compared with the Tactical Nuclear Penguin mentioned further down.

      OK firstly I never stated cost was a factor here or that lower alcohol content beers were not bogan. While I make my own beer (not for the cost savings and not to make it for the purpose of having a higher alcohol content) I don't necessarily like to generalise that VB is bogan. Some people out there like a basic cheap beer with all the nonsense frills that are there for the purpose of boosting their significance - I can tell you that while its great that there are a lot of boutique beers out there, there are a number of crap ones that a XXXX Gold could surpass significantly (Tall Tales to name one).

      My point is I think this beer has been created purely for Bogans an no one else - its the 'we're tough AND we can get shitfaced on alcohol with high content' beverage and nothing else'.

      The positive I see from this product is hopefully the high taxes on alcohol means that some idiots would buy this resulting in funds to the govt of which 1% would be spent wisely.

    I was going to say "40 quid for a carton! That's surprisingly cheap" then I realised, 40 pounds for a *bottle*.

    Freeze distilled - It's a cool concept, but it's not beer.

      Actually, as long as it has malt, hops, yeast, and water, it is beer

        It started as beer, then they applied one or more processes to it, resulting in the final product. If you tried to sell this in the US for example, it would be defined as "Beer concentrate" and would be illegal. Made from beer is not beer, Carlton Draught notwithstanding. A cocktail of Scotch and beer would also qualify as "beer" if your definition was all it took. Oh, and technically "beer" requires neither Malt nor Hops unless you are a 16th century German.

          Then Dry hopped beers and cask aged beers are not beers also - as they have also been taken post fermentation and had a process applied to it.

          Any process applied to the beer after fermentation does not signal it being no longer classified as beer. Alcohol concentration through freezing is not new and would easily fit under section 23A of the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) as using a new process.

          I'd also add that the beer mentioned below "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" made by Brewdog is being happily sold in the US to consumers and is not illegal as you suggest. Although that is only 32%. "Sink The Bismark" by the same brewery and at 41% is also being happily sold in the US.

            See ATF Ruling 94-3, and Brewdog is a UK brewery. How they get around 94-3 you'd have to look into.

            As far as processing is concerned, I for one see a distinction between leaving beer in a cask for a period of time, or adding an ingredient at a later stage; and distilling it into a new liquor. If you can't, it's your problem, not mine.

        I just poured some malt, hops, yeast and water into a bucket. Is this beer?

          Depends. If you live in Queensland then you'll probably be able to sell it by the tanker full.

      It is beer - just the water has been removed through freezing to leave the alcohol behind.

      Using a rough ratio of the beer starting at 5% you would need 4.3 litres of beer to make a 65% 330ml bottle. Or in other words it takes 13 bottles of normal beer to make 1 of these.

      Although I would suspect they would probably start with a high alcohol tolerant yeast which may allow them to start at 15ish percent before beginning the freezing process.

    Being able to taste the alcohol in tooheys platinum is bad enough, and that's nowhere near this.

    There's also Tactical Nuclear Penguin out there for the soft cock who can only handle their beer at 32%.

    If it was cheaper this is the one you'd slip into a glass for all your bogan "friends" so you can watch them flip right out.

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